Phillip's Honda CR-V
Daily Driver Owned by rikernumber1

  • Vehicle is a Honda CR-V 2.0 EX Auto model. Used as a daily driver; primarily bought as a comfortable motorway mile muncher for its owner, a self-employed project manager. Also bought because it has plenty of room in the back for teenage and university age daughters. Since purchasing in Jul 2014, we've also started using it for towing a caravan.

    It is not modified in any way, except for the power socket in the boot; this stopped working, and in the process of fixing it I decided to wire it to the permanently live feed that supplies the towbar relay. This means we can charge phones from it, hidden in the boot, whilst away from the vehicle.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda Service history up to 64K (when I bought it) - still serviced at 12K intervals but not at Honda.
  1. A fine looking CR-V. Please add more pictures.
  2. Very nice. Whenever I see a third generation CR-V I think it has the best styling - less boxy than first and second, but with more character than the current model.
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