Patricij aka "patrician"
Daily Driver Owned by Minor0034

  • Today I want to introduce you my other accord, slightly younger than my accord SJ.

    Life of a Honda fan is full of joy, high revving engines and sleek, flat and low cars. Or it used to be :Smile: But there is a downside to it, well, sort of. If you own one old Honda, after some time you want more. You wish for another one, either for its engine or its body or just for the sheer pleasure of having it and having the possibility to drive it. Not to mention the advantages, that you have another reliable car, which is quite rare and doesn't get stolen that often :Smile:

    I bought this Accord Aerodeck, which I call particij or "patrician", about three years ago in Vienna, Austria. It had nearly 200000 km on the odo, but wasn't too rusted and was in decent overall shape. After some time of driving I swapped the original A20A3 MPFI for a twincam B20A8 from an accord sedan. This twincam version was on continental Europe probably sold only in Switzerland, but it somehow found its way to me. It is a nice improvement and as this version exists in Japan I don´t feel like molesting the car. Instead of it I only fulfil what Honda should had done from the beginning, i.e. to sell all the best equipped models in Europe, too.

    As for the car I love the pop-up eyes, comfortable suspension, fabric upholstery which doesn't show any sign of wear after more than 200000 km of service, I enjoy the throaty growl of two litre engine and the cars willingness to hurry into curves. The boot is quite large, the folded third door very practical, though I don´t stuff many things there. And when you occasionally get a thumb-up when driving among other cars, your heart rejoices and you feel the money spent wasn't money wasted.

    In few words, it brings me joy any time I drive and that's what counts.

    By the way, if you like the photos, courtesy of my friend Mulder, you can find his albums and plenty of old Honda here - Pavel Chmelicek - Foto's - Google+
  1. It's great to see another Aerodeck being loved and used. There are so few left these days.
  2. What a beautiful pictures in the link!! Wonderful. I enjoyed it.
  4. She's a rare beauty.
  5. Very nice car.

    I am working on a younger sister of it, an 1996 Earodeck.
  6. Beautiful car thanks for sharing it with us.
  7. Fantastic looking Civic, and excellent Photography. Definitely want to see more of this.