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  • Accord is the elegance with premium sound system and built in navi updated 2015 price 0 (sssstttt)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    the premium soundsystem is up graded with hertz speakers doors and trunk isolated (see pictures).
    and 2 digital rockground ampifliers and subwooferbox.
    also on pictures winter tyres pictures with summer tyres will follow. sizes front 235 back 245

    Service History & Related Threads

    august september new piezo injectors updated costs 1800 euro (autsjjjj)
    and finally the correct spoiler for my euro accord.and the summer tyres
  1. yeah it was a small problem but i figured it out only the other pictures are turned and double i still have to look how als when i want to change pictures in the garage. there are new one coming up
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  2. Glad you finally put the car in the garage.
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