Odyssey Absolute
Daily Driver Owned by djcrossie

  • JDM RB1 Honda Odyssey Absolute in Amethyst (Purple)
    7 Seater with 2.4 K24a engine
    5 speed semi auto CVT transmission
    Full Honda bodykit with spoiler and wind deflectors
    17inch Honda alloys
    HID directional headlights
    Climate control
    Cruise Control
    UK head unit with DAB, Bluetooth and reverse camera

    For those curious about the running costs it's £235 a year to tax and costs around £60 to fill up. I'm filling up once a week and am currently getting around 20-26mpg which isn't fantastic compared to modern euro diesel's but I'm more than happy. I'm sure I could get better but the 2.4 pulls so well it's hard not to want to plant your right foot at every opportunity.
  1. Hi, how are you still getting on with ownership. I am looking to buy an Absolute and would like to ask some questions
  2. I have a odessy 2004 7 speed gear box 2.4 tip tronic and automatic,looks exactly like yours.before I hasd a Nissan Elgrand v6 3.5.i get all my spares on ebay or euro parts.must admit I am very impressed with my first Honda.
  3. Just looking back at this and you have a good spec on this, all the 2 din bits already including the steering wheel control blank! Those storage box arm rests are hard to find too. And just to confirm the Absolute models are 100% tiptronic 5 speed auto boxes and not CVT. CVT only came on some of the lower powered L,M and S models.
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  4. Nice Odyssey hope I can get mine looking as good.
  5. Nice motor,

    can't wait to get my reg number and get it out on the road
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  6. This looks stunning!
  7. What do you make of it so far? Yours is Modulo kitted, and that purple is a lovely colour. I'll be getting a modulo spoiler and double din kit when mine arrives. Shame no one sells stuff for these in the UK, getting bits is going to be an expensive affair!
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    1. djcrossie Avatar
      So far so good, a few niggles but nothing major (touch wood)

      The rubber weather strip that runs down the length of the roof is degraded badly and seems to be letting some water into the drivers side a pillar. Looking at getting a replacement which is £99 direct from Honda but that's a last resort if I can't get it elsewhere.

      When do you get yours? Have you bought direct from Japan or from a dealer in the UK?
      djcrossie, Tuesday 28th Mar, 2017
    2. ODC_RB1 Avatar
      That's good to hear. Also good that Honda uk can get parts for them. I've been told to expect it at some point in May, it's bought from dealer stock (goo-net exchange) in Japan through JDM Auction Watch.
      ODC_RB1, Friday 31st Mar, 2017
  8. A real beaut'. Thank you for posting.
  9. looks sweet man. I am collecting my rb1 Absolute tomorrow. just need to find out whats the best option for the stereo. Also my one comes with rear Dvd screen, wonder if i can change that to a better quality one and a bit bigger.
  10. Loving the look of this :nodding:
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