NSX Type-S
Weekend Toy Owned by NZNick

  • December 1999 Monte Carlo Blue Pearl NSX Type-S
  1. Been out quite a few times over the Xmas / New Year break - NZ weather hasn't always played ball but enjoyable none-the-less. There is an almost deserted old coast road not too far away - good place to exercise the VTEC and ALB.... and get some heat into the tyres :Wink:
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  2. Would love to see more :nodding:
  3. Had a nice drive up the coast yesterday - quite a few 8000+rpm moments involved....
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  4. Nice piece of superb engineering !
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    1. NZNick Avatar
      As it is winter here in the South of the South Island of NZ, and the local council has decided that grit is best spread on the roads to combat ice/frost, NSX S is not getting much use at present, in fact the battery conditioner is on as well as the car cover inside the garage.
      Once the grit has been swept up and the sun shines we'll have a few drives.
      NZNick, Tuesday 26th Jul, 2016
  5. Absolutely gorgeous
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    2. exec Avatar
      The NSX will give you less grief :Laughing:
      exec, Monday 26th Oct, 2015
    3. Nighthawk Avatar
      ...more fun too
      Nighthawk, Monday 26th Oct, 2015
    4. MickyB Avatar
      I'll have two then
      MickyB, Wednesday 11th Nov, 2015
  6. I'm in love. Just.. in love.
    1. NZNick Avatar
      Hands off - she's taken!
      NZNick, Monday 26th Oct, 2015
  7. Wow that is one beautiful motor.
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    1. NZNick Avatar
      Why thank you kind sir.
      NZNick, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015
  8. That colour is just lush :Wub:
    1. NZNick Avatar
      Monte Carlo Blue Pearl was available on a number of Hondas from 97-01, but only in Japan AFAIK. Was looking at a 1st Generation Insight in MCB - v. nice.....
      NZNick, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015
    2. NZNick Avatar
      This colour was also available in the USA for NSXs '97-'99 - see http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/Changes_by_Year
      NZNick, Wednesday 20th Jan, 2016
  9. What's the bhp on the NSX any mods nice motor
    1. NZNick Avatar
      Officially 280PS which is 276BHP. No mods.
      NZNick, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015
    2. NZNick Avatar
      Just stumbled across this: http://www.jdmspecengines.com/honda-engines/honda-c-series/c32b.html which says that the C32B outputs 290hp....
      NZNick, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015
  10. :likeit:
    1. NZNick Avatar
      NZNick, Thursday 22nd Oct, 2015
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