Nitroace CU2 project 2
Weekend Toy Owned by nitroace09

  • Honda accord 2.4 i-VTEC 6 speed manual in silver
    Black leather interior
    chrome trimming on the outside
    carbon fibre trim in the inside
    built in sav nav
    reverse camera (kids in pics to prove it works)
    standard 17" honda alloys
    electric sunroof
    electric mirrors
    one previous lady owner.
    Photos have been taken with guy leon harvey also known as K24 CL9 GUY

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    3" skunk2 manfiold supplied by H TUNE
    Skunk2 short shift gear knob
    CT Engineering supercharger supllied by H TUNE (not yet fitted waiting to arrive)(now arrived 15/05/2018)
    BC Racing coilovers supplied by H TUNE (arrivd and now fitted)
    3" Infinity exhaust system fitted with twin exit with burnt lip effect supplied and fitted by Martin and Tanner at INFINITY EXHAUSTS
    18" x 9.5j all round Rota Grids in Neo chrome (waiting to arrive) (cancelled)
    18" Rotas (bought from K24 CL9 GUY)
    Toyo Tyres 225 45 18 95y extra load (rethinking tyre size)(decided wrong size)
    Yokahama 235 45 18 tyres fitted x4
    F sport rear spoiler (Arrived now waiting to fit)
    MV Tuning Mugen Motorsport rear diffuser
    MV Tuning Mugen Motorsport rear spoiler (Now Fitted)
    MV Tuning Mugen Motorsport front grill
    MV Tuning Mugen Motorsport sideskirts
    Mugen Motorsport wind deflectors
    Yokohama tyre decals fully made of rubber supplied by TREADWEAR.COM
    Neo Chrome HELLA HORNS
    Wrap Werx Mugen Motorsport vinyl detailing
    TGR motorsport Neo Chrome wheel nuts

    Service History & Related Threads

    full service histroy
    up to date MOTs
    Body work cosmetic scratches
  1. Awesome! :eek:
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  2. Very nice car mate :Niceone:

    Raising your car up with just 2 hydraulic jacks - is that safe? :shock:
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      can't get in the garage to get axle stands so had no choice lol
      nitroace09, Thursday 24th May, 2018
  3. Damn that was exhaustive going through all those images. Looking sharp bud.. no comment on the ironing board thou.
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  4. Amazing build Chris some money being spent on her.BTW change that oil filter :Smile:
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    1. nitroace09 Avatar
      recommend me one brother and will look into it
      nitroace09, Wednesday 11th Apr, 2018