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  • Here is my little bus, Im the second owner, sitting with 92k on the clock. She has been absolutely stunning since I bought her when she was just 3 years old and was originally built, bought and owned as a fleet car. Full service Honda history and she came with paperwork including the original delivery note plus the specs as requested when she was built. I have every single bit of paper relating to her, including all tax discs, mot's, receipts for everything including a sun visor clip which I accidentally broke. Never failed an MOT, never even had an advisory in my ownership and is regularly serviced by myself twice a year (receipts again to prove everything), fully waxed (proper stuff) four times a year. She could do with being dropped a few inches but as it is the family car, I don't know if I will do that or not. She has Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical 2's on all four corners, I do not believe in mixing tyre brands, never have, never will.

    The red interior lighting is more subtle than the pics show and connected to the dome light circuit so act identically to the dome light. The pics show them as very bright, but they are really gentle. They give more of a haze than anything and it was an idea I pinched from someone elses car on another forum.

    A couple of pics here to show the condition of the paintwork and modifications listed as well as update list.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Installed myself:
    - Black painted calipers, very subtle I feel against a black car.
    - LED interior lights
    - Red mood lighting under the footwells which is linked into the courtesy light circuit and behaves therefore identically to the dome light. (Pinched this idea from another accord I saw on a different forum and really liked it)
    - HID 5000k dipped beams and led fog lights
    - Rear R0394 Cobra Flush 17mm Parking Sensors (these were fun to install). I installed a manual switch in the boot to turn them off if needed.
    - Extra soundproofing in doors, floor, boot and roof. 2mm Silent Coat deadenimg material and 12mm acoustic foam. Car is much quieter now, ran at around 80db at 60mph, now runs at around 55db at the same speed.
    - Flip key conversion
    - Wind Deflectors
    - Miini 0803 dash cam - hardwired in with cutoff switch installed in centre arm rest.

    Installed by others
    - Rear tinted windows - 60%

    TO DO:
    - Drop her a few inches (would be nice, still undecided though)
    - Repaint lower offside part of the rear bumper where the missus decided to reverse into a bush

    Service History & Related Threads

    She has had the following items replaced on her, all replaced physically by myself unless otherwise stated:
    - New manifold - cracked within a year of my ownership - changed for free by local Honda dealership
    - Ferodo discs and pads, front and rear.
    - New clutch, replaced at 60k - Honda Dealership
    - Front drop links, both lower control arm bushes plus compliance bushes and ball joints.
    - Upper control arms (due to ball joints leaking)
    - New Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder
    - Outer and inner tie rods
    - Replacement VSA module
  1. Good looking car mate, :Smile: Just to note my car is a family car too, got 4 kids! So no excuse on not lowering yours as mine already scrapes on speed bumps! :Smile:
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  2. Wish my paintwork was that good...Previous owners seemed to like driving through hedges. Still, priced accordingly. Prefer to have a scratched Accord than No!
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    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      Thats the power of a DA polisher - get yourself one, they are a great investment if you like your paintwork. Just be aware the Honda paint is quite soft so you need to be careful breaking through the lacquer on it.
      Nighthawk, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
    2. nauest Avatar
      I do like my paintwork, if it wasn't winter my current paint would make me cry. I am looking to improve it. I will put that on my list, thanks for the tip!
      nauest, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
  3. Nice set up! I installed LED under mirror Puddle Lights and Boot Spots in my old Peugeot, will look at doing it to the Accord too, would fit in well with your mods I think!
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  4. Hhhmm seems a little out my league on the wiring front, may see if can find any guides online anywhere as you said had pinched the idea from somewhere else ;-) Defo would be a nice touch to the interior.
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    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      Yup, i saw another black accord with the lights, no guide on it, just saw pictures - I liked it and decided to try it.
      Nighthawk, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
  5. @Nighthawk - mood lighting under the footwells which is linked into the courtesy light circuitand behaves therefore identically to the dome light.

    Was this a difficult thing to do and do you have a guide of how you did this as would really like to have a go myself :Smile:
    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      No mate, no guide sorry, but its not hard. Splice into the wire harness going to the dome light from the fuse box (cable runs up the drivers A pillar and through the roof lining, and then just link that to a strip of LED's and daisy chain them. Be careful as the dome light runs through the MICU which is rather unforgiving should you accidentally touch two wires incorrectly. @DeviateDefiant has seen the effect of the footlights.
      Nighthawk, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      10/10 - Effects are good, would view again :Smile:
      DeviateDefiant, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
    3. DJ Wozza Avatar
      Which lights did you put down there & how did you mount them? I did a similar job in my Lexus years ago. When the engine was on and you closed the door it went straight off, but when the engine wasn't running, it continued with the illumination for a few seconds & then faded out.
      DJ Wozza, Tuesday 2nd Jun, 2015
  6. I've liked this car even before I was into Honda. Very stylish. Subtle mods.
    I alway like the Mugen Grill...
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  7. Beautiful car, nice modifications, I am sure the red light brings a nice atmosphere.
    I read about your silent coat mod, was this difficult? Where did you put it? only in the doors? From 80db down to 55 is quite a thing, I would like to do this in my car...
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  8. Yes the Santino's just say mmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Very nice indeed.
    We need to get the Santino club up and running
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  9. A Credit to you sir, lovely shade of night!
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  10. stunning example of how a car should be maintained and looked after.
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