Nighthawk Black EP2
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  • Bought my second Civic yesterday. Had to travel to Lancaster from London after this car, but I think it worth it. FSH until 2014 with Honda, then reputable local dealer, 2 Owners with 58750 on the clock, 17" wheels(seller told me it came with them from Stratstone Honda in Doncaster when he bought it back in 2011) and nearly new Pirelli P Zero Nero tyres.
    Few things that needs to be done to it, but hey its 12 years old car and it will keep me busy which is a good thing. In fact already does - windscreen stone chip from lorry on my way home needs to be sorted asap. Re-trim to the wheel was first thing I have done today apart from wash, but I will try to keep it standard.
  1. Nice clean engine bay there. :Niceone:
    How long have you had the 'little blues'?
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    1. Mugen_fd2 Avatar
      spoon socks? almost two month now.
      Mugen_fd2, Saturday 3rd Mar, 2018
  2. Very nice :Thumbup: :morephotos:
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  3. Thanks. You are right it looks like they were optional alloys.

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  4. Wow that looks fantastic. I have seen these wheels before on EP2s but don't know if they were optional. Have a look at brochures section there might be a mention of optional wheels.
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