New - Jazz as I wanted it
Daily Driver Owned by Eck

  • This years added model -Sport with 1,5 vTec.
    Not a lot of motoring due to the need to be in the sun in March.
    Impressions - yes this is indeed how a Honda should feel, well planted on the ground with enough power to overtake without the feeling of panic setting in and too much noise from engine. Do not know what else in car changed (suspension etc.) with engine but a much better ride all round and all conditions, even switching on cruise control to return to speed, so much better pick-up.
    Not yet gone above 70 on motorway and restricted to just about 3500 rpm for o/takes so far. (Mainly country roads with undulations but a few straights for clearing the farm vehicles, delivery vans & lorries etc.)
    Dislikes - still the touch screen, the fiddly change setting speeds on small dash dial - why not integrate onto the touch screen?
    Likes - oh yes the wonderful tactile feel of the heater control etc and no need to look or feel about for the touch sensitive bits and also the key, yes I like it, it means it is where I can find it with the garage door FOB and not have to scrabble for where left before or into pockets.
    One small ’problem/niggle’, the parking sensors sometimes switched off on start up?
    All in all so far so very much better and if Honda push this they may even open up another sector instead of just old foggies like me!!

    One more comment regarding the key - now if I get out of the car for a short while there is none of the very annoying beeping noise and the engine stays on until I get back in!!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Only added extra so far is that long needed luxury - a Tailgate Strap!!
    May add mud flaps when available - if different from existing
    Massive spend - painted locking nuts with black caliper paint and spent £7.99 on rubber covers for chrome nuts - tried them on old car first -seem to stay on OK. (Honda wanted something like £140 for black nuts and lockers).
    Now got OEM black wheel nuts in sale from Cox's motors.
    Transferred in from previous - spare wheel after painting black, and floor support/tool holder (with a little bit of modification)

    Service History & Related Threads

    The only joy of winter - fitted winter tyres - less road noise - just great, these are mounted on Cronos wheels - see new photo to compare with shiny black Berlins as standard
  1. What a lovely looking car. I saw one in my local dealer the other day and couldn't believe how nicely finished it was too. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    As you say, if Honda are willing to push this to a different demographic mainly a younger one, I think they would get a lot of interest. With the new Civic even bigger than the last I'll definitely think about getting my wife one of these instead of a Civic if there's enough space in the back for car seats etc. It looked as if there was as much space as her current 8th Generation Civic.
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  2. Getting near 6 months, 4300 miles, average 47.70mpg (fuel £.012/mile).
    It is such a joy to drive this Jazz with a decent amount of power when required.
    Two quibbles - the parking sensor occasionally being off on start - cannot see a pattern to explain. Parking sensors required either side of the front number plate, if driven directly at object/wall no warning given by the 'cheek' sensors. (Help requested in other forum).
    For potential owners of this class of car I see no drawbacks - mentioned in a few places engine is noisy, not to me just a satisfactory growl when required to it job!!
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  3. How to post the other photos into this section?
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      Ichiban, Wednesday 7th Mar, 2018
  4. Got some dry road today.
    Noted difference in both general car comfort, suspension even seems better than before with the standard tyres on (hoping to not having to fit Cronos wheeled winters - in the sun for a couple of weeks & hopefully not need to).
    The engine is so much better, for instance in using cruise control before on local long slope or short steep hills a need to change down in previous 1.3, now no change needed.
    Definitely thinking this has fulfilled what I wanted from a Jazz.
    I know the sector aimed at by Honda might not need this but it could lead to opening up another sector, if they have the sense to push it!
    Will report back in a few months.
    Some more photos added to garage.
  5. Thanks for the interest and kind wishes.
  6. I will have to load up some guides for this new Jazz then. Congrats on the new purchase.
  7. I'd be very interested in you review of the 1.5 after you've had her a while.
    Pleased you made it back home okay. :Thumbup:
  8. Better photos when weather improves - what an adventurous drive from dealer!
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