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Daily Driver Owned by Big H

  • 1.6i DTEC EX DASP (4WD) Man
    White Orchid
    + Premium Pack (excluding doorstep garnishes as already part of base model)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    2 genuine sheepskin seat covers at £84 each from via - comfy is an understatement
    Minicam 0806 (shame I couldn't use the car's in-built camera as a feed to a 'blackbox' recorder)
  1. White looks much better on the facelift CR-V due to the revised front grille. Enjoy it since you have all the technology there. EX AWD 1.6D.
  2. She is looking fantastic @Big H :OTT:

    I know I'm biased (!) but the CR-V really does look good in white, and it doesn't seem to be the most popular colour choice which is also nice. The revised front end treatment on the 2015MY car is also a much better look than previously IMHO.

    It will be interesting to see what MPG you get from the i-DTEC with a manual gearbox.

  3. Looking good Big H, really good.
    Any photographs of the covers?
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    2. Alano Avatar
      You won't need the heated seats with those on
      Alano, Tuesday 1st Sep, 2015
    3. Big H Avatar
      They look better in daylight - off white. Well recommended.
      Big H, Wednesday 2nd Sep, 2015
    4. Nels Avatar
      LED interior lights will show the true colour better
      Nels, Wednesday 2nd Sep, 2015
  4. Love the 4th Generation in white!
  5. Looks fantastic :congratulations:. Lets us know how she drives when you get chance
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    2. Big H Avatar
      As a result, you can see far more and react that much sooner, although I now feel a lot more responsible for indicating when passing cyclists as I appreciate the CR-V's bulk means the driver behind sees less than they might behind a regular saloon.
      Same when coming up to wide 'T' junctions, where I now hang back a little to avoid obscuring another driver's view, one of the curses of driving the S2000 when a taller vehicle drew level and blocked the view.
      Big H, Tuesday 1st Sep, 2015
    3. Big H Avatar
      Doesn't cost me anything to adapt to this style of considerate driving.
      Finally, can't deny it isn't a so good now having a fixed roof, but the panoramic glass panel helps brighten the car interior.
      Just something to get used to I guess.
      Big H, Tuesday 1st Sep, 2015
    4. Big H Avatar
      That and the engine switching off when the vehicle stops (which I might override at times, to avoid the inevitable delay at traffic lights, especially when I'm at the head of the queue).
      Big H, Tuesday 1st Sep, 2015
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