Nevyn's Accord
Daily Driver Owned by Nevyn

  1. Hi Nevyn,
    I see you have original Dela Wheels? Happy with them (comfort, corrosion,...).
    Asking because I just bought such wheels second hand today :Wink:
    1. as13 Avatar
      So Far I'm happy my Honda Dealer had them refrub'ed for me so they're spotless, you do feel alot through the steering wheel
      as13, Friday 14th Nov, 2014
    2. i-DSI Avatar
      Great, thanks. I will try them out only in summer time next year (March, April...). Can't wait....
      i-DSI, Friday 14th Nov, 2014
  2. Forgot to say mine is my 3rd also
  3. Looks just like mine, same wheels black but petrol
  4. Fantastic looking Accord and in best colour.