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  • Hi there this is my Accord Type-T bought it in august last year as a winter project to keep me sane through the winter months.Im lucky I've had it inside my work garage next door so I've been able to jump on it when I've had a spare min. Hoping to have it finished for april-may to use through the summer period,it needed a lot of work and plenty of love but Im pleased how its coming on. Under side finished new fuel lines,sub frame removed,sand blasted and painted every component cleaned and refitted,all worn parts replaced just for peace of mind.Front drivers side bulkhead and sill needed plenty of welding so that was boxed off first job and the engines spot on which is good,anyway ill stop rambling on and get some pictures up if I can not that good on computers.I also have a 93 Prelude jdm which I finished last year ill put some pics of that up too,bye for now... Neil.

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  1. Thanks again guys for your positive comments means alot,the subframe luckly was just surface rust even though it looked shocking just checked it for strength before i made a decision on sandblasting.
    But i think another 12 months and car would have been scraped, as regards to the M5 its my mates he's been traveling for 15 months I've tried buying it off him but he's having none of it.....theres time yet.I take it out now and then GOD it goes like a rocket :Grin:
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  2. Fantastic work, and great to see this one being saved. That subframe looked absolutely shot.

    Nice E39 M% in the background too, is that yours?
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  3. A great job you're doing there. :likeit:
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  4. Thanks speedy she's been sat there since August,i have to admit apart from starting her when i fitted the new fuel lines I'm inching to give it a run round the block.But with the interera out is thats helping,picking up the drivers seat tomorrow had the bolsters recoverd looking forward to seeing it.
    Apologies for not introducing myself on the proper page still getting to gripps with forums.
    Struggling to load more pictures up theres usually an option in my box at the bottom but its not there now, any help much appreciated neil.:Smile:
  5. Proper restoration ! Good to see one of these being rescued properly. It's worth the effort, kudos to you ! :Thumbup:
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  6. Thankyou I've been back to work today done a few more hours just chipping away at it really,i was after one of these years ago but it jus fell off the radar starting a family,so now my kids are a bit older they've been coming with me getting involved...well kind-off twenty questions!!
    I'm hoping to get to japfest this year it'd be great to meet a few people of this forum for a natter,i feel compeled to push on and save this old girl as the numbers are dwindling.
    is there anyone around the north west area I'm in preston be nice to meet up.cheers neil
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  7. Wow that's an incredible amount of work that you have on it. Looking forward to your build thread.
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