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  • Executive tourer with black leather,sunroof,navigation,hft and power tailgate.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Led side light and number plate lights,hoping to get some eibach springs or a special setup then some 18"thunders.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full service history.
  1. Hi all,can anyone on here confirm that these Eibach E10-40-008-04-22 are for the 2006 7th Generation diesel tourer,I'm finding that there are loads of companies out there stating that they sell tourer springs, only to find out when you phone up that they sell everything but the 7th Generation tourer
  2. The 7th Generation Tourer was a fine looking - and a very practical - thing.
  3. Just received my improved 9 smd led's for the sidelights with only had the 6 smd ones in,which I'll now fit to the front puddle lights in the front door cards
  4. When your arms have recovered, please do add more pictures...Especially of Black Accords!
    1. rex180_0 Avatar
      Took some today whilst machine polishing the wings,but can't find how I add them on here
      rex180_0, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
  5. Are those 17" alloys.. if i might ask .did they come with the car and are they honda ones, trying to get a spare for mine whick are the same but honda does'nt think they are origional.. only had car for to weeks so not sure
    1. rex180_0 Avatar
      Yes there honda 17's.try accord e broucher on tinternet.
      rex180_0, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
  6. Great looking Tourer @rex180_0 .. do add more pics
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    1. rex180_0 Avatar
      Will be posting some tomorrow,I'd just spent 7 hours clay baring/polishing and waxing it.
      rex180_0, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
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