Daily Driver Owned by Rayne

  • This is my only car, so obviously it's my daily driver. She was stock when I got her nine years ago (I've only had one other car) and unfortunately she has never been garage kept. I learned pretty much everything I know about cars from working on her, a lot being trial and error. I've done the majority of the work on her myself.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Engine/Drivetrain/Chassis/Engine Bay Modifications :
    ♦ JDM B18C Type-R engine (96 spec) and transmission
    ♦ Hasport motor mounts
    ♦ C&R aluminum radiator
    ♦ Apex N1 exhaust and 3" catback
    ♦ Test pipe with Vibrant j o2 air restrictor
    ♦ 3" air intake

    Interior Modifications:
    ♦ Blue Sparco steering wheel
    ♦ NRG short hub
    ♦ Quick release
    ♦ Si gauge cluster w/ white bezel & blue face plate
    ♦ Oil temperature and pressure gauges
    ♦ Shift light
    ♦ Bride bucket seats
    ♦ Hand crafted shift knob from Van Chase Studios
    ♦ Sparco pedal covers
    ♦ Custom shift boot with matching door panels and center consol
    ♦ Blue stainless steal e-brake cover
    ♦ Triple socket + usb 12v accessorie charger w/ optional always on
    ♦ Single din drawer style cup holders with storage box
    ♦ Duel cd player with usb 3.5 aux in jack and Bluetooth
    ♦ Alpine speakers
    ♦ Audiobahn 12" subs
    ♦ Blue head unit lights, gauge cluster lights, and floor lights
    ♦ Auto start
    ♦ Remote paging system
    ♦ 6 tone siren alarm
    ♦ GPS tracking/remote car locator
    ♦ 2 way car remote
    ♦ Phone controlled access

    Exterior Modifications:
    ♦ Type-R style front lip
    ♦ HC1 rear lip
    ♦ Fog lights
    ♦ Sickspeed dual horns
    ♦ front and back parking cameras
    ♦ Blue under body lights, and grill lights
    ♦ Chrome euro style tail lights

    Suspension Modifications:
    ♦ Tein Flec Z Coilovers
    ♦ SPC rear camber kit (to keep wheels aligned properly)

    Wheels/Tires Modifications:
    ♦ Rota Slipstream 15in powder coated white
  1. Very nice indeed :Thumbup: Loving the look and mod list and great to see many great photo's :clap:
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks! I try to keep the pics up to date so I usually upload one after I change something.
      Rayne, Saturday 28th May, 2016
  2. Wow! Swwweeeeet! Very nice car, top work fair play! :mosh:
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks! Try my best to keep her lookin decent :Smile:
      Rayne, Monday 23rd May, 2016
  3. Sick Ride:mosh::Whoosh::GoodJob:
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks! ^_^
      Rayne, Saturday 14th May, 2016
  4. Achingly clean, and your time and effort on the mods was very well spent. Nice innovations and stunning results.
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks so much!! Always nice when someone complements something you've worked really hard on. ^_^
      Rayne, Saturday 7th May, 2016
  5. A very well looked after Honda. It's a credit to all your hard work.
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    2. Rayne Avatar
      Lol, that is true. I have deemed them co-pilots instead of mods :Tongue:
      Rayne, Tuesday 3rd May, 2016
    3. MickyB Avatar
      Don't tell anyone but I have a teddy bear shhhh
      MickyB, Tuesday 3rd May, 2016
    4. MickyB Avatar
      Looks like you have been doing a lot of work recently. Looking good as ever.
      MickyB, Tuesday 13th Sep, 2016
  6. great car :Smile: any more close up engine pics?
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      I need to remember to take some now that the valve cover has been repainted.
      Rayne, Monday 2nd May, 2016
  7. Very nice looks slick a lot of time put in
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks! Yah, it's pretty much where all my free time goes.
      Rayne, Wednesday 17th Feb, 2016
  8. Very nice, the green lights look cool, what exactly is the mod?
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      It is a protectant film. I got it online, think it was ebay I ordered it from. If I remember correctly I just typed in protectant film and found it. They actually change colors depending on the angle you look at them from. Think I have a few more pics from different angles where you can see that.
      Rayne, Wednesday 17th Feb, 2016
    2. exec Avatar
      Ah I see I thought you did something to the headlamps, I can defo see an array of colours, aqua, purple, pink, yellow etc! :mosh:
      exec, Thursday 18th Feb, 2016
    3. Rayne Avatar
      Yah, a lot of people think that. I've heard a few people say there's a spray that does the same thing, but I've never looked for it. There are lights that actually look like this without using a spray or film but they are super expensive. I've only seen one pair for sale and they were around $1,000.00 just for the headlights.
      Rayne, Tuesday 15th Mar, 2016
  9. A well kept EJ8. Impressive that you've learnt as you went along. :Niceone:
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks :Smile:
      Rayne, Wednesday 17th Feb, 2016
  10. Bad ass well turned out car mate.
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    1. Rayne Avatar
      Thanks Ichiban :Smile:
      Rayne, Friday 4th Dec, 2015