Daily Driver Owned by MickyB

  • This car has had one owner from new it has been serviced from new (starting with a Honda 5 year service plan from new) then by an independent garage since 2013.
    It has passed every MOT with the exception of its first when it failed because the widescreen wipers failed to disperse all water from the screen.
    The current mileage is 67929.
    I have a few things that I want to do to it which I'll document as I get them done.
    These include
    1. Tinting of rear windows(Done)
    2. Fitting a rear wind deflector/spoiler(Done 12/03/17)
    3. Fitting drivers seat stowage armrest(recently purchased)(Done)
    4. Fitting wind deflectors(done 08/04/2017)
    5.Possible change of HDD and fitting a rear view camera.
    6.Change the dull yellow looking headlight bulbs for something a little brighter.(Done Feb 17)
    7. LED sidelight bulbs fitted 11 Mar 17
    8. Passenger side Vanity mirror cover replaced 11 Mar 17
    9. Rear door seal replaced 11 Mar 17 (original split).
  1. Very very unhappy see project log:Frown:
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    3. andy83 Avatar
      mate I have been following it mate and oem looks great mate..
      andy83, Sunday 12th Mar, 2017
    4. MickyB Avatar
      Couple of hiccups on the way but with my daughters help we got there all in all taking around 5.1/2 hours.
      MickyB, Sunday 12th Mar, 2017
    5. andy83 Avatar
      well mate looks well worth it mate and adds style you and daughters done well mate...
      andy83, Sunday 12th Mar, 2017
  2. Can't fucking believe it. I parked my car at work last night in a big space between two other cars, I normally take note of where and who's next to me but didn't this time as I got talking to another driver. Came out this morning to find a scratch almost full length of the passenger door. I tried to t cut it out but didn't realise how deep it was so went to deep into the paint now have a light spot. And still scratched. Photos are in project log.
  3. New extra bright headlight bulbs fitted(see project log)
    Now I need some sidelight bulbs to match.
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    1. TK2 Avatar
      Hi about to replace the lighting just to ask did you have any problems/faults... im looking at LED's

      Cheers Tony
      TK2, Friday 21st Apr, 2017
    2. MickyB Avatar
      Tony if you look at my project log
      You'll see what headlight bulbs I used. I tried various leds in the sidelights but had trouble matching them up.
      Also they are a little awkward to get in and out, when I took the first ones out to change one of them came apart inside the lens and it was a pain to get it out.
      MickyB, Friday 21st Apr, 2017
    3. TK2 Avatar
      Cheers Micky will do and thank you...
      TK2, Friday 21st Apr, 2017
  4. Happy birthday Mum( would have been 89 today)
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  5. Drivers stowage arm rest fitted on Christmas Eve.
    See Project Log.
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    2. MickyB Avatar
      Thanks I so want rid of this hire beast so I can give this a good valet(well Selina will).
      MickyB, Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016
  6. looks a smart gen 2 CR-V:gohonda:
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Yes it is I am very pleased with it and can't wait to get behind the wheel.
      MickyB, Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016
  7. She looks fantastic and now belongs to a good home
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      Coming home later this week
      MickyB, Tuesday 30th Aug, 2016
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