Daily Driver Owned by FR-V_Knight

  • 2009 Model FR-V with Factory Leather seats, B-Pillar Garnish,Door step Garnish and Auto Dimming rear view mirror

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Custom Daytime Running Lights, Pioneer Navigation with Reversing Camera and Footwell lighting.
  1. blue footwell Lighting looks bright... Nice :Smile:
    1. FR-V_Knight Avatar
      Thanks :Smile: Much cheaper and brighter than the stock Honda option.
      FR-V_Knight, Thursday 8th Sep, 2016
  2. I love the sill protectors,
    Where did you get them? Any links.
    1. FR-V_Knight Avatar

      FIrstly apologies, I never came back again to check my uploaded pics and subsquently the comments.

      So to answer your question. The doorstep garnish was already fitted on the car when I got it, but you can buy them from here :

      Although pricey. I would have thought FR-V accessories would go down in price but some parts seem to be creeping up
      FR-V_Knight, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
  3. Looking good @FR-V_Knight. You can bring those leather seats back with careful cleaning.
    1. FR-V_Knight Avatar
      @Nels any advice on what product to use and method to restore the leather (apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, could not find anything unless I am searching incorrectly)
      FR-V_Knight, Wednesday 27th Jul, 2016
  4. Love the footwell lighting.
  5. Nice car, like the head unit and to footwell lights.
  6. Wow, that's low mileage !
  7. Hello All,

    I just added my Honda FR-V to the Club.
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