My second Accord
Daily Driver Owned by Nighthawk

  • This is my second Accord chosen out of necessity more than anything. She is a one previous owner with all the toys except for ADAS, which I purchased from Honda with just over 40000 miles on the clock almost 2 years ago. She was in overall good condition however she was showing signs of needing some TLC. Her paintwork was covered in scratches from what I imagine was just car washes and just not really caring about it. The car had service history whrere the basics had been done regularly and in accordance to service intervals but certainly not serviced to my liking. She came fitted with different brand tyres on all four corners, she was a bit choked up and hesitant under WOT and vibrated under high speed braking and had a leaky clutch slave cylinder.

    Since then, I have replaced all tyres with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymettrical 3, front and rear discs, pads and shoes have been replaced by Ferodos, calipers have been overhauled and painted. Full service completed including replacing all brake and clutch fluid, with new slave, and gearbox oil.
    I spent a weekend sorting out the body work, used ironX to remove deposits, clay barred, cut back, sandpapered around the door handles, and buffed back out again, before being fully sealed.

    I have installed Silent Coat on all doors and internal floor, footwells, rear parcel shelf etc. No rattles. OEM 10 speaker premium sound - speakers been replaced with Focal Access 165as and 165ac.

    She has never put a foot wrong however she does have a drinking problem with petrol when you put your foot down. Likely to be selling her soon.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    - Custom mood lighting replacing OEM footwell lighting, LEDs in the door handles and in the centre console/drink holder.
    - Front and rear dashcams installed through custom hidden bypass switch
    - Speakers replaced with Focals.
  1. Very nice !! I'll bring Ruby round yours and you can do her mood lighting too :Smile:
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    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      Anytime, just not when its cold, so you may have about a 2 day window in summer? lol.
      Nighthawk, Friday 14th Dec, 2018
  2. I like it, looks stunning.
    Quite interested about "Front and rear dashcams installed through custom hidden bypass switch"
    Can you share more information?
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    2. DrSam Avatar
      Oh interesting, and here's me looking to connect a dash cam that records 24/7, even when parked lol.
      It's a struggle to find one
      DrSam, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2018
    3. Nighthawk Avatar
      Make a post about it mate and Il help in there as it would help others too
      Nighthawk, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2018
    4. DrSam Avatar
      Yes, good idea.
      DrSam, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2018
  3. What happens to getting a Lexus?
    1. Nighthawk Avatar
      It was called a
      Nighthawk, Wednesday 5th Dec, 2018