My Refined Car
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  • Standard spec car with optional space saver fitted.
  1. I now have the My Honda Dongle fitted. I was going to have it removed as after last update not every journey was being recorded & the app itself is rather slow & flaky. However, decided to retain it just for safety as if you have an accident that triggers an airbag an operator will call your mobile phone number. If no reply then emergency services will be sent to location of car. Also, a Type-R GT FK8 customer at my dealer had his car stolen from off his drive & it was located using the My Honda app.
  2. I have just bought the Prestige in brilliant sport blue. Pick up next week. have you opted for the MyHonda dongle? I’ve heard mixed reviews on it.
    1. tomwillie Avatar
      No, the service desk mentioned it but were not quite sure how it worked re needing to link to phone network or Data. I only have PAYG phone so do not want something that needs to have a Data connection. I have the Honda App on my phone that connects to AA Travel Watch through the Internet when I am at home. When on the road if necessary I can use that App to summon the AA & if GPS turned on the AA can locate me, so that is good enough for me.
      tomwillie, Thursday 30th Nov, 2017
  3. Civic manual 1.5 Turbo Prestige has replaced Type-R GT as wife found Type-R GT too scary to drive & ride too hard to go on holiday in with her & our two dogs.
    Civic Prestige has slightly better performance than 09 reg Accord manual 2.4EXi previously owned & has as much rear legroom as wife's CR-V, so now one dog lays on floor behind front passenger seat & other across back seat. Both dogs are in harnesses linked to rear seat belts when in the car.
    Just tootling around locally with occasional longer runs the car is achieving a calculated 45 mpg during being run in.
    Very relaxing car to drive, electronic handbrake has worked faultlessly as has auto stop when activated. Sunroof is nice to have after having previously owned three S2000's, bit noisy at speed when it's open but no buffeting.
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