My own car.
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  • We bought the car the other weekend and it was totally standard apart from who ever had it before replace the wheels with horrible oz rims and painted the break calipers red.

    It's also a 1.4. ( don't have the log book as of yet so I couldn't enter all the details correctly

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Change the side light bulbs to led's and waiting on the hid kit.
    Tinted the rear and side repeaters black. ( tried the film but made a mess trying on my own )
  1. just saw your car, congrats on your first honda, i bought my first one a few months ago and its a Civic like yours,
  2. Hi and yes this is my first ever Honda. Had the car just over a week now and me and the wife love it. Put a full tank of fuel(£52) in last Saturday and it only just ran out late last night. Never had a car this good before. Plus I bought the car knowing the engines are solid. So fingers crossed I shall get a good few years out of her :Smile:
    1. exec Avatar
      Good stuff man, just change the oil every year and the engine will outlast the rest of the car!
      exec, Tuesday 18th Aug, 2015
  3. These are nice little cars, love the colour too. Is this is your first car?
  4. Looking good Dan, I really like that colour.