My little Honda
Needs Repair Owned by Jackson92

  • Honda Civic Bali EG3 1.3, Fairly Basic model, Lightweight :Wink: Shes cost me money keeping her going but my favourite car yet :Tongue:, new Clutch and Slave Cylinder, Radiator, Brakes, Exhaust and the usual service bits. Daily Driver/ Bit of Project as i have another EG Civic in the garage :Tongue:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Its got 14 inch Mitsubishi Colt alloys, JDM KODE Tow eye on the rear, the odd sticker, replaced the bali spoiler with a slightly larger one off the 1.5 lsi
  1. like the spoilers!
  2. Cool little Civic. Thank you for sharing her with us. :Smile:
  3. She looks clean Jackson! Loving the rear speakers :Laughing:
  4. Nice little EG.

    What is your other Project EG ?
    1. Jackson92 Avatar
      Thankyou :Smile: theres abit of rust in places and the bonnets peeling but it won't take much to sort those i hope ,Well its kinda this one, the silver one had a 1.5 in it but it was an auto, so I've taken the auto box off and the engine out and going to swap it for mine put the 1.3 gearbox on with a lightened flywheel, then i'll be looking at coilovers and things.
      Jackson92, Monday 27th Jul, 2015