My Jazz
Previously Owned Owned by Rambler

  • 2014 Jazz EX Azure blue
  1. Nice colour. More pics would be great. Jazz is a greatly underrated car in my opinion and I love driving my mum's Jazz when I'm down in South Africa. I'm sure you'll have many years of happy motoring in your Jazz (it IS a Honda after all :sparta:)
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  2. Thanks for the compliments, i have to say, i looked at Jazz's about a year ago when my Rav4 turbo blew.
    I was outstanded by it's design , versatility and spaciousness. Way better than the Toyota Yaris.
    Ever since then i said to myself, if the Rav blows i will get a Jazz.
    And its affordable, reliable and very quiet to drive.
    So a chat with Honda Colchester, to scource me what I wanted along with extra wheels with winter i live in a small village.
    I'm a happy man.
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  3. looks great.. very nice colour.
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  4. Nice colour that, I don't see many round here like that. Most seem to be white, silver or urban titanium here.