My Honda Accord 2006 i-CTDi 4 Door Ex Diesel Saloon
Daily Driver Owned by Accord_N22

  • Hi Guys

    I thought I should start a project log for my 2006 Honda Accord I-CDTI 4 Door Saloon
    I recently purchased a 2006 Honda Accord I-CDTI 4 door Ex Saloon on the 6th April 2014.

    Model: Accord
    Year: 56 (2006)
    Trim: Executive (Ex)
    Body Type: 4 Door Saloon
    Transmission: Manual
    Mileage at Purchase: 108,114
    Engine: Standard i-CTDi N22A1
    Wheels: Epsilon 17 inch Alloy wheels with Dunlop Blue Response Tyres (225/45/R17) 94W (XL)
    Interior: Full leather interior with all Executive features
    Bodywork/ exterior: Nighthawk Black B92P
    Lighting: Osram Ultralife H1 Bulbs, Osram Amber Side Light 501 Bulbs
    Security: Standard OEM System

    Please see below comments for my progress, I won't be modifying it all (the wife would kill me - lol) but it will be more of a project to restore and maintain the car to a clean OEM tidy state. it will also serve the purpose for the future family car. (When the time comes) :Smile:

    I have been very busy working on the car for the past couple of months getting it up to scratch and sorting out all the various issues it had upon purchase, here is how she stands today. See the project log which I have added to see what I have been up too.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Optional Accessories Added
    - Osram Ultra Life H1 Bulbs for the front Low Beams
    - Osram Amber 501 Bulbs for Side Lights
    - Genuine Honda Accord Boot Liner Tray (Honda Part: 08U45SEA600)
    - Genuine Honda Accord Mudflap Set (Honda Part: 08P08SEA600)
    - Genuine Honda Carpet Mat Set (Honda Part: 08P15SEA511A)
    - Genuine Honda Footwell Light Kit (Honda Part: 08E10-SEA-600)
    - Genuine Honda Locking Nuts (Honda Part: 08W42-SJD-602)
    - Genuine Honda Sun Blind Kit (08R10-SEA-600)
    - XcarLink Ipod Adapter (SKU194 model)
    - Rear Parking Camera
    - Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Handsfree
    - Dolphin Rear Parking Sensors
    - 0805 Mini Dash Camera

    Service History & Related Threads

    Update Thread 11-02-2015 (Brakes Strip and Clean, Alternator Replacement, Wheel Locking Nuts, Fuel Angel, Footwell Lights)
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    Updated Thread 23-02-2015 (Dash Cam Install)
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    Updated Thread 21-08-2015 (Buckle Wheel Repair, Headlight Condensation, Brake Calliper Replacement, Brake Bleed, Rear camera & Parrot Bluetooth Install)
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    Updates Thread 16-04-2016 (Sunblinds, Lubetech Oil, Airbag Replacement, EGR, MAP MAF & Throttle Body Clean, Upper Suspension Arm Replace & MOT)
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    Updates Thread 23-04-2016 (Re-work Reverse Camera, Auto Boot Open & Gas Strut Mod, Polish Headlamps, Fuel Filter Change, Amber Side Lights, PhotoShoot)
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  1. What a beauty hope I can get mine close to looking as good. :dribble:
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks Garyq, now that my Prelude has gone the Accord gets all my attention - lol
      Accord_N22, Friday 30th Sep, 2016
  2. What do the other buttons on the lower part of the steering wheel do? Am very out of touch with the facelift version :Tongue:
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      The buttons on the left side control the voice activation and handsfree bluetooth, the buttons on the lower right hand side toggles through the on dash computer i.e trip computer, average and live MPG readings, miles remaining in fuel tank, average speed and setting speed alarms.
      Accord_N22, Tuesday 8th Mar, 2016
  3. You're doing a great job looking after this one too @Accord_N22 :Niceone:
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  4. Lovely looking daily driver.
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  5. that accord is a stunner, visually pleasing to the eye. keep up the good work.
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  6. :party:that is a nice tidy looking CN1, nicely detailed black which looks a million $$$:Yahoo:
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks Ichiban :Smile:
      Still have more work to do on the paint job including a clay session and some compounding
      Hopefully this summer when the weather gets better
      Accord_N22, Monday 23rd Feb, 2015
  7. That paintwork is immaculate!
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  8. Beautifully kept Accord, I'd go so far as to say currently the most well maintained in the club.
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