My first love
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  • Decided to add my first Civic. It was very reliable, low mileage car bought from a man in his 60s, so had to pay a bit more. Also it was automatic as I shared it with my mrs. That was ultimatum - if we buy a car it must be auto(damn). Never cut corners when serviced - every time Genuine Honda liquids and oils, probably doesn't matter for an old car, some may say, but thats how I like it.
    To transform its look I went for white 16" slipstreams, EK9 dampers, S2000 steering wheel and seats - front reclining Recaro from Evo 4 and rear from DC2. Had a chance to get D16Z6 intake mani for cheap so it made nice acceleration difference and sound. After some time my company car forced me to sell it, but every time I pass comet blue Civic Im thinking it was the best car ever, even thought I had a luck to drive Lotus Elise and Ferrari 430.
    Soon I will be getting another Honda, RRRRR...
  1. Them wheels really suit the car both in style and colour. Tasty.
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  2. Looks in good nick would love to see more :Thumbup:
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      she's gone long time ago.
      Mugen_fd2, Sunday 26th Feb, 2017
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  3. looks a very nice Civic mate thanks for showing us all....
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