My First HONDA Car
Daily Driver Owned by pastore

  • My first HONDA!

    I don't know a a lot about cars but i will do my best.

    This is my daily driver plus my project car too.

    Service History & Related Threads

    I just bought a new battery for it from Halfords for £75 and they charged me £10 to install it. It came with a 5 year warranty.

    Parking sensors repaired = £40 (Local mechanic)

    New Tyres with front and rear alignment £264

    Passed MOT, no advisories (28th December 2015)
  1. What did you tint your lights with in the end? Looks great!
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    2. exec Avatar
      Ah i see, they did look like a really good clean fit!
      exec, Friday 11th Sep, 2015
    3. chris2982 Avatar
      @pastore ,, what kind of film did they use??
      chris2982, Friday 1st Jan, 2016
    4. pastore Avatar
      can't remember the name of it cuz it was a while ago but i got there website and number, if your interested let me know in a PM. cost like £40 i think
      pastore, Friday 1st Jan, 2016
  2. Looks good. I'm looking to get the wind deflector and windows blacked out too, once the cam belt has been done.
    1. pastore Avatar
      i can sell you mine mate....
      pastore, Sunday 9th Aug, 2015
  3. Looks like she's been taken care of. What are your thoughts now you've had her for a few of weeks?
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    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Pastore 120,000 miles is nothing on a Honda ... you must be thinking of Germans cars :Tongue:
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 1st Aug, 2015
    3. pastore Avatar
      i didnt know what, so how many miles you reckon i can get out of it? im planning on keeping it.
      pastore, Saturday 1st Aug, 2015
    4. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Keep it well serviced and there is no upper limit on mileage, Honda engines and gearboxes are rock solid. You've should get many years out car yet.
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 1st Aug, 2015
  4. looking good !
    1. pastore Avatar
      makes me wonder why everyone else doesnt buy hondas, even who nothing nothing about cars knows that Honda's a a reputation for reliability and im a noob!
      pastore, Saturday 1st Aug, 2015
    2. FirstHonda Avatar
      ^^ Wise words! Nice car too, well done.
      FirstHonda, Sunday 2nd Aug, 2015
  5. sorry for putting it in the wrong, im new to this site, looks like a good site so far...
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      LOL no problem mate, I was just teasing. I know very little about cars as well, and definitely wouldn't be doing any of the stuff I have done to my car without the help of the people on here, so you've chosen a great site to sign up to.
      RogerH69, Saturday 18th Jul, 2015
  6. Moved it to the Civic section. Happy now Roger ? :Smile:

    @pastore your engine code is probably D16.

    HFC134A is the AC refrigerant.
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  7. Ok I know my eyes are going, but this doesn't look like an Accord to me.... :Smile:

    Welcome to HK. Your Accord / Civic looks like a clean car. More pictures please. We likes pictures on HK we do :Smile: