My First Accord
Previously Owned Owned by John Dickson

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Penta Alloys upgrade, 8 disc CD changer, body side mouldings, ducktail spoiler, rear parking sensors, mudflaps, stainless steel doorstep garnishes, front fogs, elegance carpet mats, "Accord" rear seat back pocket (a nice little accessory I have kept ever since)
  1. The first Honda I ever drove was a 2003 2.4 7th Generation with those exact wheels. It belonged to a work colleague (company car) and we used to share the driving in and out of London - he got it pretty much straight after it was launched. It didn't grow on me immediately TBH, but after a while...:Happy: I remember kerbing one of the wheels turning into a car park on a high kerb... :no:

    It was his first Honda too. He's had a Civic Type-R since, and last I heard he had a 1990s NSX as a weekend toy!
  2. Very nice John, very nice indeed.
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      Thanks Nels shame it's about the only decent photo I had - it needs a good clean....
      John Dickson, Friday 28th Nov, 2014
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