Daily Driver Owned by staffy boy

  1. My brother had one of these when they first came out, and it was great.

    Nice car, I've often thought about having one of these in the garage.
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  2. Really clean looking car, I've always liked the shape of this model. Looks particularly good in black.

    Mike c
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  3. She's looking well looked after :Thumbup:
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  4. trying to upload the pics with the gloss black wheels at the mo
  5. Please take load of photos. We like to see the before and after.
    It's great for your own records too!
    Plus it'll teach others (like me) about 1st Generation CR-Vs
  6. cheers bud in the process of doing her up
  7. Nice looking ride you've got there staffy boy :Thumbup:
  8. this is her when i bought her