My CL9 from Greece
Daily Driver Owned by gzob

  • Hello! This is my CL9, one of the best Honda's ever built (as seen in the 'cog' advertisement) :Hooray:

    Previous Honda's:

    EG6 (from 96-07)
    AP1 (07-13)
    EG9 (09-13)

    Sold my AP1 and EG9 and got the CL9 last summer. Love this car!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Current Supercharged setup:

    Comptech Roots (Eaton) supercharger (3.15" puley) with Civic Type-R FN2 throttle body
    PLM header (for Acura TSX)
    HJS cat universal
    2.75" custom exhaust with 2x 2" rear mufflers
    Removed intake resonator and AMSOIL drop in air filter in stock airbox
    07+ US Acura TSX intake camshaft + RBC intake cam gear (50deg) limited to 40deg
    AIS water injection kit
    07+ US Acura TSX ECU, Hondata FlashPro tuned by GearTech Engineering
    296whp at 0.55bar (8 psi)

    ACT organic clutch
    Wavetrac LSD

    Front XYZ racing big brake kit, 330x32mm 6piston
    Rear fast brakes 312mm discs with stock calipers

    H&R springs
    Honda OEM Lowering shocks (Showa)
    Ingalls front and rear camber kit

    Tinted windows
    BIGAS LPG system
    Optima yellow battery
    TypeS front grille with EuroR badge
  1. great ride man, i agree with you best honda ever made
  2. Liking the grille,good looking car.
  3. nice colour - suits this model great!
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