my car when she doesn't need it
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  • Our daily driver. Just upgraded from a Jazz. Car purchased this week. 05 with 36k, FSH and one lady owner prior to us. Lovely car to drive and huge amounts of space.

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  1. Hello, can somebody help me? I need a repair manuals for my car: Honda FR-V, 2.0, 2005
  2. Hi Nels,

    I love it. Its a dream to drive and for a 12 year old car, it looks new. Trying to read through some of the guides but can't appear to see any of the pictures. Any help?
    1. Nels Avatar
      There's an ongoing problem with some pictures/images. We are hoping to have it fixed soon.
      You can post questions on the threads concerned, or start a new thread if it's a new topic.
      Nels, Friday 16th Jun, 2017
    2. deadlyfatzo Avatar
      Thanks for this Nel.
      deadlyfatzo, Saturday 17th Jun, 2017
  3. Congratulations on your FR-V. :congratulations:
    Yes, they do have plenty of room inside. :Niceone: