My Baby after a quick wash and wax.
Daily Driver Owned by macca 411

  • Mostly stock with a few little tweaks to the appearance.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Calibre GTR 18"
    Vinyl wrapped grill
    Tinted rear windows
    Removed "Accord" badge
    LED interior lights
    Foot well lights
  1. Does it have any modifications? Looks awesome btw
    1. macca 411 Avatar
      changed the wheels, Blacked out grill (vinyl wrap), tints, HID's, full LED interior lights, Foot well lights added and remapped. That is all that has been done this far.

      Just need to find the right LED's then will be doing all exterior lights so far got the reverse light working. Need new flasher relay for indicators (got bulbs) and find some LED's for the brakes and fogs that work and are bright enough.
      macca 411, Sunday 19th Oct, 2014
  2. Looking stunning in black !
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  3. Looks the business Alex, will have to task you for your experience/tips on how to get such a good result with just a 'quick' wash and wax :Smile: The mutznutz!
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    1. macca 411 Avatar
      well quick for me. Might have been because it was only a week after a proper wash :Wink: and always looks better from a distance :Smile:
      macca 411, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
    2. macca 411 Avatar
      Quick because of using Butter wet wax (liquid wax) applied by machine. Rather than the preferable hand waxed with auto glym HD wax.
      macca 411, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
  4. A unique looking CU3 you've got there. Looking forward to some more Photographs.
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  5. That's a beauty.
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  6. Good man, when the rest of HK wake up, they will enjoy seeing pics. Like a good holiday away when you meet a nice girl, pics are all that matter.... :Grin:
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  7. Grill is just vinyl wrapped. Not lowered at all still stock. had a remap by DMS other than that stock. now up at 58,000 odd. Sure I can reply with some pics at a later date :Wink:
  8. TBH was thinking of getting it rewrapped. starting to get a bit board of it now lol. I wish they were Grids. They are Calibre GTR's.
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      So many similar wheel styles these days it's hard to tell them apart. Take a look at the Black Edition CR-V that went into the garage earlier tonight, chrome badges can look pretty nice on an all black grill :Smile:
      DeviateDefiant, Wednesday 1st Oct, 2014
    2. macca 411 Avatar
      Agreed it can look good just I was looking at blacking out all chrome at the time tho. Still might but not sure might be too far with it all.
      macca 411, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
  9. Look forward to them, and tell us a bit about her too. She looks a bit lowered?? What wheels you got on her? Mileage? Oh, and there is no such thing as too many pics so bring them on :Smile:. That front grill powdercoated?
  10. 8th Gens look awesome in Black, are those Rota Grids? Grill looks nice blacked out, but not 100% on the badge.