My Awesome Car
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  • Rear Seat are magic seats but without locking system. However, there are catches under both parts of rear seats that can be released so seats may be lifted up, legs folded down & squabs retained in position by putting seat belts across them. Then use a seat belt clip BEHIND the shoulder guides to prevent movement under light braking, under heavy breaking/accident the seat belt system will lock. Thus dogs etc can fit behind the front seats.

    No space saver spare wheel available probably due to it not fitting over Brembo Brakes.

    Some interior photos duplicated as system appears not to load but in spite of cancelling does when operation repeated.
  1. Duplicate pictures removed.
  3. Very nice. The more of these I see, the more I think white or grey are the most suited colours.
  4. Nice! Loving the little details.
  5. Great car mate, can you add some pic's of the interior and engine :Smile:
  6. So nice :Wub: Love it,
  7. Its been a while but finally she is here.
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