My 4th Accord - CU1
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  • After 10 years of diesel, I've returned to petrol. My CN1 was a superb car. I enjoyed owning and driving her and whilst the new i-DTEC is a fabulous engine, I no longer drive enough miles, so I've opted for the R20A3. My original intention was to change in about 12 months time. However, with the discontinuation of the Accord and a fabulous deal from a main dealer, I had an offer too good to pass up. So, I've moved from one of the first 7th gens to one of the last 8th gens. Happy days! :vtec:
  1. Great looking car Nels , I've just bought a 2010 tourer in Crystal black , auto , I love it , it will be a keeper for me .
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      Congratulations on your Accord! I agree, they are smashing and mine is a keeper too. Please do add your Honda to the Club Garage. I'd love to see her.
      Nels, Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017
  2. But, going back to my earlier comment, I have become Mr Accord Man. My wife says I'm set in my ways. I decided I wanted a new car. So I scoured everything on the market but nothing out there impresses me compared to the Accord. I like the fact it is relatively rare, especially in the spec I have. So I tried the 2017 Civic 1.5 Sport plus. I like it alot. I took it for two test drives. And I felt younger in it, no longer Mr Accord Man. My son ordered a black Sport Plus and I told the salesman to prepare a quote for a red one for me. And I ummed and I ahhhed. The Civic is not as comfortable as the Accord. And even though the Civic has 182PS I don't believe it has the same pull through from say 50-70 or 60-100 that the 180 PS Type -S does. And it has nothing like the range in the tank. But most of all, there will be loads of new red Civics on the road soon. I love the fact that my Accord is rare. I have still never seen another the same on the road.

    I can't sell it. I'm still Mr Accord Man, through and through
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  3. I nearly signed away my Accord today. It was my fourth and between them they have carried me about 350k miles over 15 years in total. I guess my first Honda was a fifth generation Accord, N-reg silver 1.8 vtec. I got the H's anodised gold, but over time it scratched and faded. I sold it with 99990 miles to a colleague's cousin. He told me a while ago it was still going, and still looked the same. It went through a couple of exhausts like cars did in those days, but apart from service, tyres, pads, discs and wiper blades it was faultless. I was so impressed with Japanese cars (after a string of company repmobile Cavaliers, Astras, Belmonts, Orions, Sierras, Mondeos) I upgraded myself to Lexus. But I got through a set of tyres every 7000 miles and eventually destroyed the car after buying some budget tyres. That incident had me demoted down the car ladder to a Renault Laguna which I loved if it wasn't needing to go for repairs which were always hugely costly. When I was due another car I harked back to the Accord of old and got one of the first seventh generation 2.2 diesel Accords. I immediately loved it, and hung onto it for 4 years and 90,000 miles. It once needed a new offside side light bulb. I traded it in for an 8th generation 2.2 Accord Tourer and kept that for four years and another 85,000 miles. It didn't even need any new bulbs. And so the only new car I could buy was another Accord, a Type-S Tourer. I found an ex-Honda Manger's car with only 3000 miles on the clock and every imaginable door and boot inserts, dog guard, bull 'sport' body kit, satnav, subwoofer, etc...the works. I've had it now for four years and it is up to 88,000 miles. It has had a side light bulb, and a rear number plate bulb............and that is it. And I've loved it. The torque, the power, the range on one tank of fuel, the comfortable seats...the comfortable long distance driving.
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      That's why we love our Accords!
      Nels, Sunday 12th Mar, 2017
  4. Wow Nels!!!! Great condition in very good color.
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      Well thank you. I try to keep her as well as I can.
      Nels, Monday 12th Sep, 2016
  5. Love the colour!
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      Me too, but it does take more time than my CN1 to keep her spotless.
      Nels, Saturday 11th Jun, 2016
  6. Gorgeous car ... the color really fits the lines of the body. The engine compartment is beautiful, I've heard they can really move well for one of Honda's largest.
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      Thank you for you kind comments. I try to keep her at her best. The R20A3 is more than capable of keeping me happy, but those with the K24Z3 have even more fun.
      Nels, Tuesday 8th Mar, 2016
  7. That is one handsome looking car. Shame the Accord is discontinued as I thought with the success of CL7/CL9 and the muscular CU1s they were really on to something.
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      That's very kind of you to say so. She's nearly a year old now and will be getting a service soon. The Accords are pure Honda quality, through and through. I'm sure they will be back one day - We just need a change of focus from HUK for it to happen.
      Nels, Monday 14th Dec, 2015
  8. That's a beautiful car. I think that the public are at fault for the demise of the estate cars as opposed to the manufacturers. The current popularity of things like the Nissan kumquat means that Honda are going to enter the "bigger on the outside and higher" brigade. These cars aren't as practical as an estate, it's all "form over function". Hopefully when the country has been de-lobotomised the Accord Tourer will return. Until then look after your cars and they should keep going to bridge the bonkers period.

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      Thanks Steve. Yes, I plan on keeping her for quite a while. I've mainly added things that will help protect her. Hopefully, by the time I'm ready for a change, we will have a new Accord over here again.
      Nels, Tuesday 12th May, 2015
  9. Lovely coloUr and choice of car
    You can't beat a Honda petrol unit
    Hard to believe the clowns in huk are pulling the plug. Ignorant pricks.
    Great car and best wishes with it
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      Nels, Thursday 7th May, 2015
  10. Stock what is that lol ;-) Nah very nice indeed mate I imagine it pains you to see what have done to mine :Tongue:
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      Not at all. I believe a car should be what you want/need it to be. If you're happy, that's what counts. I'm just fascinated at what and how these things are done. In a different life, I'd love to do a complete re-build and mod job on a K24 7th or 8th Generation...
      Nels, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
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