My 3rd Accord - CN1
Previously Owned Owned by Nels

  • This is my third Accord, having previously had petrol 3rd Generation Ex and 5th Generation ES 2.0 4dr.
    I bought the first one from my father, many, many years ago. That was it. I've only had Accords since then!
    However, I was tempted by the dark side and now have a diesel. Oh well, someone has to buy them! :Grin:
    Only kidding, I love my Accord.

    I always knew my Accord was one of the early ones, but when I met CJ a few days ago I was pleasantly surprised to discover just how early.
    Examination of the VIN confirmed that she was built on the third day of production !
    Thank you CJ.
    I wonder how many day one and two cars are still out there ?

    Well, after 10 years it was time for a change, so my CN1 was traded in for another Accord!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Mud flaps, (2005)
    Front, rear & side protection strips, (2005)
    XCarLink, (2013)
    Re-paint the Epsilons. (2013)
  1. mate love the colour of your CN1:gohonda:
    1. Nels Avatar
      She was great. The colour changed when the sun caught her.
      Nels, Thursday 30th Mar, 2017
    2. andy83 Avatar
      mate that really sounds great she looks smart and tidy...
      andy83, Thursday 30th Mar, 2017
  2. Great colour, nice shape - and most importantly, diesel...!
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    1. Nels Avatar
      I do miss her, but the 8th Generation is fabulous. The i-DTEC engine on the newer Hondas is great. Have a test drive and you'll see.
      Nels, Thursday 3rd Sep, 2015
    2. benlovesgoddess Avatar
      I plan to keep my i20 for 10 years..should I win the lottery I will buy a 1st Generation Insight. In 3-4 years we'll probably trade this CR-V in for a 4th Generation 1.6 diesel. Anything else is highly unlikely! If the Jazz had a diesel or diesel hybrid I may have got one of those instead of the Hyundai.
      benlovesgoddess, Friday 4th Sep, 2015
  3. Would like mine to be the colour it looks fourth down on the left ;-)
    1. Nels Avatar
      I've uploaded another shot of her under a cloudy sky, one late afternoon. (19th pic)
      Nels, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
  4. What colour is this one @Nels as either it's my imagination or looks purple?
    1. Nels Avatar
      Indigo Blue Pearl. At some angles, when the light catches it, it does look purple. LOL!
      On a normal cloudy day, it's a dark blue.
      Nels, Monday 16th Feb, 2015
  5. Thank you for your comments @i-DSI. Circumstances changed, so I don't do as much driving. Only added another 3000 miles since the first photographs. I try and look after her, but you can always do more.
  6. Hi Nels, does the car still only has 77000 miles? That's very low mileage, especially if you considered a diesel at the time of buying.
    Love the way yours grow old! Still looks like new.
  7. Thanks @exec.
    The Epsilons were an option at the time.
    There are a few of us on here with them.
  8. Love those alloys, they seem to be rare!
  9. Very clean car best of luck
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  10. waal how do you keep than leather clean
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Hi @simbac I wipe the seats occasionally with a damp cloth and I've cleaned them twice (in 9 years) with a little soap and an old fashioned shaving brush. That's all
      Nels, Sunday 27th Apr, 2014