My 2nd Accord - CC7
Previously Owned Owned by Nels

  • This is the 1996 4dr 2.0 ES I owned for 9+ years, replaced with my 3rd Accord, a CN1.
    She was built in Swindon, when the Japanese were still here overseeing everything.

    Please excuse the poor quality photos. They were taken nearly 10 years ago, around dusk, the day before I traded her in. :Sobbing:
    I have tried to brighten them up a bit.
    The white spots on the last picture are rain drops on the lens.
    Everyday car, never let me down and not a mark on her.
    I didn't have as much time to pamper her in those days... 2 young children and long hours at work:Violin:

    Loads of great things about her, but the one I liked the best was the remote central locking that also closed all the windows and sunroof .
    Yeah, I know it's on lots of cars now, but 18 years ago it was quite novel.
    As they say, little things please little minds! :Grin:

    Edit: Just for clarify, the first 6 photographs are of my actual car. The others are from the brochure. Note the cover that moved over the radio cassette unit to hide it from prying eyes. :Fear:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

  1. 5th Generation remind me of the BTCC car :Wub: check out the 5th Generation video clip on our YouTube account.
  2. had the 2.3sr auto you can't beat the oldskool twin cam hard to find now though :Frown:
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  3. She was a great car. Never let me down in any way.
    Fully understand your friend's feelings.
  4. I had a work colleague who had one of these as a company car back in the day (1995 "N" I think) in dark metallic green. Fantastic car, he bought it off the lease company when it came to change, and up until a couple of years ago he still had it in the garage as he didn't want to part with it!
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  5. Thanks from one JD to another !
  6. Looks superb mate!
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  7. Cheers, thanks for that. She was 9 years old when those pics were taken. Yes, no sign of rust when I traded her in.
    My sons were just toddlers when I bought her, but they were brought up to behave and look after things.
    Hence the rear seats were 'as new'. Someone out there got a good car!
  8. kool. nice interior. i always wanted it for my CE8 but no chance to get it in my country. and exterior? no corrosion! it looks like a new car. very nice CC7
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  9. Lovely looking 5th Generation bud.
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  10. Yes, she was great fun to drive and reliable.
    I'm sure that you or the guys on here could have tweaked more power from her. A trip to the continent with the family and luggage certainly made a difference.

    My CN1 is in much better condition, but not as good as she could be.
    I have a long, long way to go to even come close to CJ and that's just on the cleaning front!
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