My 1st Accord - CA5
Previously Owned Owned by Nels

  • The first Accord I had the pleasure of owning was a CA5. Her previous owner was my father, who bought her from new in 1986, so I knew she had been looked after properly. I owned her from 1992-1996. The car that put me on the Honda trail. A trail I want to stay on.

    A remarkably comfortable car that delivered fuel consumption figure in the high 40's. The four doors were needed as we had very young children at the time. Electric windows all round which was a real luxury in the day. I can't remember a single time that she let us down. Japanese build and reliability through and through.

    There are some photographs of her, which I will eventually dig out, but for now, these are from the old brochure I've got. The quality isn't as good as I would like, but then the brochure is 28 years old!

    In the end, I traded her in for my CC7

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Boot Spoiler.
    Car phone
  1. I always liked these Accords, but couldn't afford one.
    1. Nels Avatar
      I was lucky as I was able to buy this from my father. I couldn't have afforded it otherwise.
      Nels, Monday 31st Dec, 2018
  2. Honda's from the late eighties and early nineties are the most reliable cars ever made!
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    1. Nels Avatar
      She was superb. It's the CA5 that got me on the Honda trail. If I could have afforded to, I would have kept her, but such is life.
      Nels, Saturday 19th Mar, 2016
  3. As I am a diesel fanatic, I am afraid I can only admire that generation from afar! My equivalent ride was a 1987 Nissan Bluebird 2.0 diesel saloon in silver.
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    1. Nels Avatar
      I have had both petrol and diesel Accords. I would have happily have another diesel, but I no longer cover enough long journeys to warrant it. My diesel was my 3rd Accord - CN1
      Nels, Thursday 3rd Sep, 2015
    2. benlovesgoddess Avatar
      I didn't think diesel Accords popped up till mid to late '90s? I always drove 9-15 year old bangers till buying a new i20 in 2013. The 7 year old CR-V cost about the same!
      benlovesgoddess, Thursday 3rd Sep, 2015
  4. I still think these and other '80s Honda look modern and futuristic!
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    1. Nels Avatar
      They have an elegance in styling that is still great to see. It's the car that started me on my Honda journey.
      Nels, Thursday 3rd Sep, 2015
  5. It was Dad's first venture to Honda. The first I knew about it was when he turned up on the drive with it. Yes, the PGM-F1 would have been better, but that was just a little more than he could afford at the time. I really, really loved that car however, I got a great deal on the CC7. Who could resist a brand new Accord?
  6. I loved that generation of Accord, had a couple myself but I always preferred to go for the PGM-FI variants over the carbed versions for extra power.
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  7. Fantastic. :Thumbup:
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