My 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2vti 5th Generation Project
Weekend Toy Owned by Accord_N22

  • Welcome to the thread of my 1999 Honda Prelude BB8 2.2 VTI

    I also own a 2006 Honda Accord I-CTDI 4 Door Saloon but this is my pride /joy weekend car.
    Purchased on the 10th April 2010 have a read of the thread for the progress I have made over this time

    Model: Prelude
    Year: W (1999)
    Trim: VTI
    Body Type: 2 Door Coupe
    Transmission: Manual
    Mileage at Purchase: 42,124
    Engine: H22A8
    Wheels: EP3 Type-R OEM Honda Wheels
    Interior: Cream Cloth Seat with Half Cream and Black Interior
    Bodywork/ exterior: Ruby Red Pearl
    Lighting: Standard H1 Osram Bulbs
    Security: Toad AI606 Cat One Alarm

    Due to a change in personal circumstances the Car has been officially sold on the 11th June 2016
    It will be Missed :Frown:

    The for Sale Thread on Lude Generation
    Honda Prelude • My 1999 Honda Prelude 2.2 vti 5th Generation H22A8 : Cars for sale

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Overview Summary

    Horse power:197BHP (Completely standard No internal modifications have been performed to the engine)
    Torque:156 IB FT
    0-60 mph:6.8 seconds
    Engine: Standard H22A8 engine with stock Type-S air intake and K&N panel air filter, H23 manual tensioner Conversion, refurbished red original rocker cover
    Chassis: Meister-R Zeta s coilovers and original JDM Prelude strut brace and Meister R damper adjuster extenders in the rear boot.
    Transmission: Standard M2P4 5 speed manual gearbox with Competition clutch ULTRA light weight flywheel, JTC Customs short shifter unit, Mfactpry 4.64 final drive upgrade and mfactory helical limited slip differential.
    Exhaust: Genuine Honda exhaust system present including manifold, CAT, midsections and rear silencer complete with original Honda chrome tail pipe finishers
    Clutch: Genuine Honda Accord Type-R OEM clutch fitted
    Wheels: Civic Type-R EP3 17” wheels with Hancook EVo V12 tyres
    Brakes: Ferrodo DS2500 front brake pads with genuine Honda front discs, genuine Honda rear pads, LPB OEM equivalent rear brake discs, Castrol react performance dot4 brake fluid, re-conditioned genuine Honda Nisin rear brake callipers. HEL stainless steel brake lines on all corners.
    Interior: Genuine Honda EP3 Civic Type-R steering wheel with cruise control retro fitted & retained, carbon centre console and window switch trim inserts, ITR red stitched gear gaiter, Skunk2 weighted shift knob, Original JDM chrome OEM door sills, Genuine Honda Prelude OEM black mats, Pioneer Avic D3 sat nav double din stereo system and CD-I200 IPod adapter cable. Parrot CK3000 bluetooth handsfree kit system.
    Bodywork/ exterior: Ruby Red Pearl R504P, Honda factory motegi skirt kit, Genuine Honda honey comb grill with Prelude badge upgrade, Genuine Honda Stanley UK fog light Kit coated in Lamin-x yellow tint film, Genuine Honda rear JDM rear bumper, Bosch aero wind screen wipers.
    Lighting: Standard Osram H1 headlight bulbs
    Security: Toad AI606 Cat One Alarm
  1. that is/was a true beauty
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  2. beautiful Prelude
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  3. find myself keep coming back and going through your pics,,, stunning!!
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks Chris :Smile:
      Had a major issue with here just recently. Oil starvation due to oil pump failure on my last track day outing. All seems to be sorted now and running better than ever. Also new stop-tech grooved performance discs have been purchased thanks to Leo/Scott at H-tune with their black Friday deals. The oil pump failure was a worry but glad its all sorted out. Will be updating the thread very soon.
      Accord_N22, Sunday 20th Dec, 2015
  4. Everytime I see pictures of this car, I think how gorgeous she still looks
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  5. that is gorgeous ,, been thinking of one of these for myself.
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks Chris for the comments :Smile:
      Accord_N22, Wednesday 8th Jul, 2015
  6. This car is so stunning, i want one of these as a 2nd car to go with the daily Accord, in that colour too! PM me if you ever sell it :Wink:
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks Exec. Who knows, I might sell it soon, that urge for S2000 keeps taunting me every day - LOL.
      Jokes aside, thanks for the comments. :Smile:
      Accord_N22, Sunday 22nd Feb, 2015
  7. that is awesome, think i might try to get one of these for a weekend toy, the ep3 wheels really suit it!
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  8. Nothing more to say other than Amazing ... One of the most tastefully done Preludes I've ever seen.
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    1. Accord_N22 Avatar
      Thanks guys and Hawki :Smile:
      Accord_N22, Friday 11th Mar, 2016
  9. Love the colour.
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  10. Very nice car. Looking at yours on the track has moved me one step closer to buying @nick-b 's Gen4 Prelude as a Trackday / project car :Smile:
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