Mr Honda
Daily Driver Owned by Mr Honda

  • And after the small mods....



    Modifications & Optional Extras

    18" Thunder Alloys
    Oem Sports Suspension kit

    Recently added a set of front CH1 calipers
    and put back on the original 17" rims with Bridgestone RE070 Tyres.
  1. What model are those wheels?
  2. Thanks lads, In Ireland the 2.4 Type-S was a special order, nobody wanted to pay the higher tax (myself included), so there's plenty of the 2.0l's on the road over here.

    I've had it since nearly new, picked it up with 7k Kms on it, only thing that's gone wrong in that time was the battery.

    I'm not sure on the Type-S badge, I've thought about it, but if I was to add anything else,it would be a ducktail spoiler.

    For anyone thinking about it, I thoroughly recommend lowering the Accord, it really transforms the car, so much more surefooted, it's a real joy!!
  3. Love her stance - sitting just right. Looks in amazing condition - tell us more about her.
  4. A smashing CL7 Mr Honda. Thank you for adding her to the CG. :Grin:
  5. The rare 2.0 TypeS in FL :Niceone: You need the Type-S emblem on the front grill bud.
  6. She's looking good Mr Honda :Smile: