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  • we are both retired, and this is our first CR-V - it's an unmodified Executive model as far as I'm aware
  1. kind words people, thanks
    sorry for late response but I've been modding it - and I'm like a family pet with 2 willies over it now.

    I added a better head unit from a decent German company named Xomax - a budget one but great quaility
    then fitted a reversing camera inside the rear window - not at all needed as rear view is fine with the great mirrors and the center rear headrest removed ( but she who must be obeyed won that one)
    I'll shortly be adding the great Dash Cam I had in my former 2001 Civic, and have added side bars, see my post:
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      all sounding good mate, I have put a reply to your sidesteps thread ..
      andy83, Friday 25th Aug, 2017
  2. I much prefer the paler leathers. Enjoy. :Thumbup:
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  3. Very nice indeed.

  4. That a great CR-V mate...
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