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Weekend Toy Owned by Ricki_5thGenCoupe

  • Honda Accord Coupe 1996 5th Generation.

    I bought this car in February 2015 and after having driven it i haven't looked back! When i purchased it there was only 85k miles on the engine with very minimal bodywork to be done. After doing some research i found that there was less than 15 left in the United Kingdom! Although at the beginning there won't be much progress as I've other things to pay for at the moment.

    The plans for the car are long term as I'm in no real rush and want everything done properly. Below is bit of a breakdown of some of the plans, no doubt I've missed out some of the smaller things!

    Red - Not completed yet
    Green - Completed
    Blue - Not sure


    Racing steering wheel with quick release boss
    New Carpet in black
    Car marts in type-r style
    Gear knob in type-r style
    Armrest re-trim in leather
    Handbrake re-trim in leather
    Leather Gaitor
    Door cards re-trim in type-r style
    Headliner re-trim in black
    Pillars re-trim in black
    Centre console re-trim in black
    Parcel shelf re-trim in black

    Rear seats re-trim (not sure about this as they may be removed)
    Front Bucket seats in type-r style
    Replace pedals due to wear
    Front speakers
    Rear speakers
    Replace parcel shelf speakers
    Custom sub box for boot
    Double Din fitted
    Relocated cruise control


    can't go into too much details of the engine at the moment because I'm not sure what route I'm going togo down and an overall budget for this.
    Custom 2.5/3” exhaust system
    Front upper strut brace
    Front lower strut brace
    Rear lower strut brace
    Rear upper strut brace
    Rear control arms
    Camber kit

    Drilled and grooved discs all round (not sure about what upgrades available)
    Mintex pads


    Dare Rc alloys for daily driving
    Whistler KR1 alloys for show use
    Mugen front lip
    Mesh Grill although will be relocating front badge here
    Type-r Honda badge front and rear
    Roof spoiler (again not sure about this)
    Rear bumper extension
    Gloss black headlight housing
    Tow hook

    Front bumper spotlights (not sure if this is what their called)
    Smooth rear bumper
    Smooth front bumper
    Colour code side strips
    Colour code mirrors
    Tint sunroof black
    Wind deflectors

    Headlight tint (possibly)
    Bulb changes
  1. Plenty of work planned for her then :Smile:
    1. Ricki_5thGenCoupe Avatar
      horrible feeling looking on the list and knowing it will barely change until about july :'(
      Ricki_5thGenCoupe, Monday 23rd Feb, 2015
  2. A smashing 5th Generation. :Thumbup:
    Thank you for parking her in the Club Garage.
  3. Beautiful Accord Coupe, it is always great to see one in flesh. Have you got some interior pictures?
  4. i may have the advert pictures showing the interior however i will take some for you once i get to her again and upload asap! :Smile:
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    1. graphcraft Avatar
      Great, very clean interior. I always think that those coupes don`t get enough credit.
      graphcraft, Wednesday 25th Feb, 2015
    2. Ricki_5thGenCoupe Avatar
      many thanks! Yes I've literally went from only ever wanting an ek9 to now falling in love with my accord
      Ricki_5thGenCoupe, Thursday 26th Feb, 2015
  5. interior added, will get better ones asap.

    thank you! love it!
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