Mom's Jazz
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  • My dear old mum has a 2009 Honda Jazz back in South Africa (not sure of exact specs), and I just found these pictures of some parking problems she had one day.

    She'd just got back from paying a speeding fine, and was waiting for the garage door to open, when she noticed the payment slip lying in the foot well on the passenger side. She leaned over to get it, worried my dad would see it, and her foot slipped off the brake, and the car started going forward (car is an automatic and she left it in drive while she sat there waiting for the garage door to open). My mum panicked and instead of jamming her foot on the brake, she jammed it on the accelerator....

    The attached pictures are the aftermath.

    She got the car repaired and is happily racking up speeding fines again.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Besides having a double garage mounted on the bonnet, nothing else added.
  1. Well done little Jazz
  2. Lets rate the strength of her little Jazz. We can't do negative ratings, so can't rate her parking skills
  3. Are we rating your mums car or her parking skills?
  4. honda really know how to make strong cars.
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  5. Indeed. luckily insurance paid for car and garage.
  6. Oh damn! That looks like a heavy amount of damage done to the garage. Lucky it didn't come down on top of her.
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