Mine and my wife's car
Partner's Car Owned by cmahey

  • This is mine and my wife's car, but she is the main driver of it for her work commute.

    It's an EX model with the following:

    Auto gearbox with steering paddles (really fantastic sequential gearbox, my first auto!)
    Front and rear parking sensors and rear parking camera
    A great standard sound system with a serious subwoofer!
    Bluetooth and USB connection
    Black leather interior which is heated with a drivers side memory function (one for the wife, one for me!)
    TV's in the headrests, which are aftermarket but don't work as yet.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    No mods!
  1. Very tidy car indeed. Well looked after.
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  2. Beautiful Accord, and looks well looked after.
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  3. There's something very pleasing about a clean Crystal Black Pearl Accord :Niceone:
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      Your quick to reply to this one lol
      DrSam, Thursday 30th Mar, 2017
    2. Nels Avatar
      I've cleared my backlog of posts.
      Nels, Thursday 30th Mar, 2017