mikes new toy
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  • Just self imported a lush black 2004 RB1, only 114k km
  1. use my id and get a little discount,


  2. nice mate will keep you busy
  3. Hi Micky
    Just thought I'd drop you a few links I've been using for parts prices and numbers.

    I've been looking for a few things for my RB1 and have found the following links helpful for getting parts numbers and prices. I have also found that most Honda dealers will help you out if you can give them the parts numbers.

    I've been using the following link to get parts numbers ODYSSEY / honda | model list|JP-CarParts.com for the RB1 and then using a site like https://www.amayama.com to get prices and ordering.
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  4. Very nice RB1 look forward to seeing lots more pictures and project logs,
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  5. @micky_h very nice RB1 mate i'm sure you will keep her shining :Smile:
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  6. some of the pics failed to upload
    1. Nels Avatar
      I've moved them over for you.
      Nels, Sunday 26th Mar, 2017
  7. A Nighthawk Black RB1, I like it.
    You've got your work cut out to keep a black car clean and shiny :Wink:...But it's worth it!
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