Previously Owned Owned by RogerH69

  • I saw this car and decided I had to have it :Grin:

    Agreed price today with current owner, and waiting for some items to be removed (stereo, amp, etc.), as well as custom plate to be removed, and then she'll be mine. Will post pictures of her once she's mine :jumpy:

    Not much to say in basic information other than she's white, 1996 model, with about 228,000 miles on the body.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Current (as she is when I get her) -

    • Wings West RS replica front lip
    • Euro Bubble side skirts and rear lip
    • "Supra Style" spoiler (similar to the Wings West spoiler, think it's custom made and has since been modified to include the 3rd LED brake light from the OEM spoiler)
    • Powerflow 6"x4" oval back box
    • Folding wing mirrors (modified to operate with central locking)
    • Glass sunroof panel from 5th Generation Prelude
    • JDM "one-piece" headlights modified with Subaru Legacy HID projector lenses, and utilising D2R OEM HID bulbs and ballasts. These fire up to full brightness within a second unlike cheap chinese aftermarket bulbs, and the projector lenses give perfect alignment meaning no issues with MOT
    • Full LED front indicators integrated into headlights - sidelights relocated to OEM indicator unit in bumper
    • Washer jets from Honda Jazz fitted to scuttle panel, OEM jets in bonnet removed and smoothed
    • Rear wiper removed
    • OEM electrical aerial removed, hole welded and smoothed
    • The rear arches were replaced in 2011 and the sills replaced in 2015 - so all major rust repairs have been undertaken and treated with Bilt Hamber Dynax S50

    • Honda S2000 seats
    • Original black leather interior rear seats and door cards
    • Zebra floor mats front and rear
    • JDM automatic climate control
    • Full EL Dash
    • Iluminated "Prelude" logo in place of high level brake light
    • Working cup holder!
    • Additional map lights in headlining

    • JDM H22
    • JDM M2B4 gearbox with LSD and traction control
    • Custom intake pipe relocating air filter behind bumper
    • Cruise Control

    • Buddy Club P1 Racing 16" wheels with Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres
    • BC Racing coilovers with height and damping adjustment (complete with adjustment 'C' spanners)
    • Original 4 wheel steering system

    • Remote central locking alarm fitted, with immobiliser and auto re-arm

    Planned -

    • Move stereo (Android Double DIN) from track car Prelude into this car. This will require a DAB antenna to be ordered that matches the Android stereo (on order) - Purchased new stereo (SPH-DA230DAB) with navigation addon (AVIC-F260-2)
    • Move dashcams from track car Prelude into this car, to be linked to head unit - DONE
    • Install Esky Reversing Camera, to be linked to head unit - DONE
    • Possibly replace moonroof, as it's got a little rust on it. If I can't find a decent donor 5G sunroof, then I'll just treat the rust on the existing one - DONE
    • Repair damage to front lip - DONE (replaced front splitter and bumper)
    • Repair front bumper mounting holes (these break a lot on 4G's it seems) - DONE (replacement bumper was in good condition)
    • Swap 17' wheels and tyres from track car Prelude onto this car, and put the 16' wheels and tyres from this one on the track car Prelude. Gotta get these wheels checked and 'made round' again, as one seems to be a little off and needs a LOT of weights during balancing. - Track Prelude wheels wobble a lot, so back to Buddyclub 16' wheels
    • Touch-up / respray bonnet for stone chip damage
    • Install sunroof wind deflector - DONE
    • Replace door wind deflectors - Decided against, as these are OEM JDM
    • Paint calipers red, to match engine bay styling - DONE
    • Replace rear Honda badge with a red one (again to match engine bay styling) - decided against this, as it's not a Type-R :Grin:
    Engine / Engine Bay
    • Install gas struts on bonnet - installed an removed, due to them lifting bonnet when closed, and rubbing paint on inside of bonnet and engine bay
    • Install new stainless steel manifold and downpipe (already purchased for track Prelude, but they would look MUCH better on this car, and it IS the show car so more deserving of some bling.... - DONE
  1. oh my dear ... this absolutely breathtaking! what a mint example of the best looking Prelude model imo. congratulations Rogers!
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  2. Now that's lovely :Thumbup:
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  3. mate some great pics love the colour....
    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      I love it too. Seller did a great job of taking pictures.
      RogerH69, Friday 13th Jul, 2018
  4. mate i'll be following this one 228K miles just shows Honda's can last...
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    1. RogerH69 Avatar
      Shell (UK) is 228k miles. Engine (JDM) is about 180k miles. I ASSUME gearbox is matched with engine from same donor car, so gearbox would also be about 180k miles
      RogerH69, Thursday 12th Jul, 2018
    2. andy83 Avatar
      ok mates still good going :Smile:
      andy83, Thursday 12th Jul, 2018