Matt's Accord CU2
Daily Driver Owned by mcluzar

  • My daily driver which I owned from new, started in life as an Australian-delivered base model Accord Euro.
    Kept it stock for around 3 years before getting on to acquiring and installing parts to make the car how I wanted it to be - which is to make it look like the Type-S model, although ended up with the Modulo Side Skirt and Rear Aero Bumper as Type-S parts are hard to come by in Australia.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Honda Access Front Under Spoiler (08F01-TL3-750A)
    Honda Access Modulo Side Skirt Set (08F04-TL3-750A)
    Honda Access Modulo Aero Bumper - Rear (08P02-TL3-750D)
    Honda Access Modulo Rear Boot Spoiler - Ducktail Type (08F10-TL3-750A)
    Honda OEM Facelift Model (clear indicators) Headlight Assy. (33100-TL0-E51 / 33150-TL0-E51)

    Work Emotion D9R GTS/RC 5x114.3 18x8.5 +38
    Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 Tyres 235/45R18 98W
    Eibach Pro-Kit (4077.140)

    Honda Deluxe Tailored Mat Set "Accord Euro" logo (08P15-TL3-710X)
    Honda Access Interior Trim Set (9 pcs) Metal Look (08Z03-TL3-710A)
    Honda Access Leather Sports Steering Wheel (08U97-TL0-020)
    Honda Access Leather Select Knob AT NH167L (08U92-TL0-010)
    Honda Access Sports Pedal Set AT (08U74-TL3-700A)
  1. Lovely looking car, great photos, :gohonda:
  2. looking tops, did yours come with the kit?
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    1. mcluzar Avatar
      Cheers mate. Mine does not come with the kit - that's all optional parts that I had to order extra.
      mcluzar, Tuesday 26th Jul, 2016
  3. i drive the dtec version but this color is very nice and like the things you done.
    about the trunk lid i looked for a little bigger but hard to find. but this one looks also good.
    compliments for this beauty
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  4. Those alloys really look great on your CU2.
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  5. What a beautiful car, and just mind blowing pictures.

    How are the Bridgestone tires? Are they any good :Smile:
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    1. mcluzar Avatar
      Thanks mate!

      I love the RE003s! I thought it'll be noisy as hell as they are performance-oriented tyres but no!
      Although not as quiet as the OE Yokohama dB E70s that come on my stock 17s, they are damn quiet for their class, and I notice more feedback from the steering wheel compared to my previous set of Michelins and even the OE Yokohamas.
      I have only travelled around 1,000kms on them and they still look fairly new so I'll report about durability after I've put more mileage on the tyres.
      mcluzar, Friday 6th May, 2016
  6. Thats one mean looking ride and superb shots too, love the lighting!
  7. Welcome mate :Smile:
    Love the kit and bridgestones . Running those as well on my car :Smile:
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  8. Splendid photos of a splendid car :Thumbup:
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  9. Great photography of a handsome looking ride. the subtle lip kit has really enhanced the look of the car specially the rear end.
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  10. Beautiful photographs of an excellent car.

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