Manual CU2
Daily Driver Owned by uncleGravy

  • As of writing this, I've owned the car now for 2 months, When i test drove the car which was the first time ever experiencing a K24 engine, I knew I had to have it.

    Coming from an E85 BMW Z4 3.0i I was pleasantly surprised how well the car pulls, stunningly slick gear changes and handles incredibly.

    Current plans are Intake/Res Delete, Exhaust and Reflash tune and some decent-ish tyres as the current ones that came with the car like to light up in first gear :Grin: And if I can be bothered to save the dosh up, I would like to experience the Supercharge route but that's some many years away yet :Smile:

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  1. Always thought Hondas are the better BMWs :BavarianTractor::Wink:
    Like your plans - stick to them !
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