Track Project Owned by Mykal

  • Hi my Civic is the facelift mode 05. 2.0 Type-R ... it has no optional extras I wanted the most simplest version of the facelift type at the moment it is considered as a project car/weekend drive.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    tegiwa air intake
    70mm throttle body
    70mm RBc manifold
    Thermal gasketing
    Tegiwa strut brace
    Toda rep exhaust manifold with complete 3" custom built exhaust system with sports cat
    Engine torque damper (best mod ever)
    Lowered springs&shocks all round
    Power flex bushes
    Hardrace tie rods
    There might be more Iv done alot and I'm not finished lol

    Service History & Related Threads

    I service her once a year, as I give it a small service check every other weekend. I upgraded the oil to a thicker one good for jap cars since then my ep3 don't drink oil....I'll try to remember which one I used and post it at a later date
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