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  • Silver CR-V-V 18 years old

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  1. I think the part number is 74811-S10-013.
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    1. PhilGuesty Avatar
      PhilGuesty, Thursday 17th May, 2018
  2. Hello community, I wonder if you can help me?

    I have an intermittent fault with the lock on my tailgate, after reading various threads it looks like the lock actuator is failing and needs replacing.

    The garage quote to replace for which is around £250 of which Honda wants £170 for the part alone. I'm sure it is possible to source a second hand one from elsewhere, the problem is they will not tell me the part number.

    I'd be very grateful to the community if it could help me identify the part number and suggest suppliers.

    Thank you

    1. Horsefeathers Avatar
      Just get one from scrap yard don't need part no just car details
      Horsefeathers, Wednesday 4th Apr, 2018