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  1. Lovely looking logo :Smile:
    You don't see many of these around.
    Does show they are very economical indeed :Smile:
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  2. What a fantastic looking wee car! Love those wheels mate and suits it perfectly! Simple and effective. Don't see many Logos around nowadays either, so nice to see something different.
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      Cheers buddy. A few battle scars up close but that just adds character :Wink:
      Sprockutt, Monday 15th Feb, 2016
  3. Finally got the chance to try the J-Speeds on for size and I now can't wait to get a set of tyres and get them on the car. After that it'll be going into the body shop to have the scuff/dent behind the drivers door attended to.

    But the old girl is still going strong and has proven herself to be the 1st class commuter I expected her to be. More attached than ever :Wub:
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  4. I'm seriously considering one for my cheap and cheerful commuter .....
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      @brian62c I'm going to do a write up of my winter commuting experiences at some point. But yes as a cheap commuter they make a whole lot of sense and are absolutely brilliant little cars.
      Sprockutt, Monday 6th Apr, 2015
  5. I have a huge soft-spot for the logo, I've been considering one for a project for a long-time now! There's a modified turbo Logo floating about the UK scene.
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      Doesn't it half you got a proper little car there bud. Slam it with anti lag popping exhaust ..err maybe not
      Ichiban, Tuesday 21st Oct, 2014
  6. What a smashing car and in fabulous condition too. Thank you for sharing. :Hey:
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  7. This looks like one tidy little example !

    BTW personally I would delete picture of your VIN number ... who knows, unscrupulous types may use it for cloning :shock:
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  8. Thanks for the comments on the interior and engine bay. That was after a very enjoyable day spent on the car on Saturday. :Grin:

    The worst battle scar is a bodywork scrape/very slight dent from behind the passenger door to the rear wheel arch. So that whole panel will need painting. The rear bumper could also do with a new coat of paint to remove scuffing. The front bumper has a few minor marks but I might live with them depending on the quote from my body shop. But have convinced myself the wee car needs saving as it hopefully has many good years ahead of it.

    I use IA Bodyshop in Glasgow who are known in the Japanese car scene up here. They have previously carried out some work on my Mazda for me.
  9. That engine bay is just spotless as is the interior. She does look like she was well looked after. How bad are the little "battle scars" from the previous owner?
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