Little Blue
Track Project Owned by Karmadrome

  1. Looks good, sounds like you have made a lot of progress too. Nice job
  2. Looking at the photos I've just realised that the trim on the drivers side is upside down... Or is it the trim on the rest of the car? Either way it's coming off, might do the roof Thursday/sat next week as I'm in agony after battling with the roof/glue/alligators skin, going to take me a couple of days to recover but I did it.

    You can clearly spot the flat spot where the roof plug is :Frown: might have to cut it out at some point and fit a carbon plug.... Or I could visit the body shop and get it skimmed and contoured correctly....
    Hm. Doesn't matter right now as I've got some wrap to fit!

    on inspection today, now that it's clean of gunk and glue, in day light it's actually a lot harder to see, and wrapped it will be even harder... Question is, Can wait till everything else is done and I've driven her for a year or three? :Blink: Knowing its there is going to really bug me.

    I'll stop poking holes in my car now.
    1. exec Avatar
      do you mean the door trim? looks fine a it aligns with the door indent thingy
      exec, Monday 28th Sep, 2015
    2. Karmadrome Avatar
      The bit in front of that on the wing... It's not the same as the passengers side anyway! Looks almost like a mirror image along the horizontal axis.
      I know starting a project is usually like this, I just keep spotting "not quite right" parts, guess it's just more jobs to keep me occupied haha.
      Karmadrome, Monday 28th Sep, 2015
  3. Lovely looking car and reall cool colour. Whats the specs on it?
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    2. exec Avatar
      Thats an interesting story, look forward to seeing how this build comes along, I would like a one of these CR-X in the future as a toy.
      exec, Tuesday 8th Sep, 2015
    3. Karmadrome Avatar
      A B series build (or a CR-X that's from late 1990 onwards) would be a great place to start, but, having seen how a CR-X will rip itself apart with a big power K series, I'd advise to not to go the K-route (which a lot of websites seem to promote) but stick to engines more suited to the size of the car :Smile:
      Karmadrome, Tuesday 8th Sep, 2015
    4. exec Avatar
      Yep I would only stick with B16, it is perfect for the car and old school vtec kick is unbeatable, K20 will make the car abit more nose heavy too. I wouldn't be after speed either more pure driver enjoyment, so you want something light and well balanced.
      exec, Tuesday 8th Sep, 2015
  4. I've had blue about two-three months now, I have a lot of work ahead of me and it's not going to be easy, burrs need removing where the sunroof was plugged, lick of paint interior... New Seat for me... Need to modify the 8point cage so it's cripple friendly.... Needs some sort of dash/switches system (currently in its design stage), bottom end has been rebuilt but I'd like to check them conrods (the weakest point of the D-Series).. Carpet... Gearbox needs heavy modification (already done the quick throw kit)... Camera system to be installed, dials... Handbrake needs replacing....
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