Lifestyle choice.
Daily Driver Owned by Attraversiamo35

  • Finally decided to replace the Accord with a more lifestyle orientated choice.
  1. Thanks @Ichiban We don't get the diesels here anymore and the Accord had a K24, so it had to be that :Smile:
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    1. Ichiban Avatar
      Don't get diesels well that inst a bad thing after all. I may even move there.
      Ichiban, Wednesday 14th Dec, 2016
    2. Attraversiamo35 Avatar
      Other than the economy, I have to say I totally agree, lol. Did a 1300km trip yesterday. 14 hours of smooth silence :Smile:
      Attraversiamo35, Saturday 17th Dec, 2016
  2. Like the massive bow, none of the dealers do that here for new cars. You have the correct engine for that car a proper K24.
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