Legend 4th generation
Daily Driver Owned by Red B.

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    Update October 2016: My Legend now has 46000 miles (74000 km) on the odometer. Last month I put it through the "large" 120000 km (or 108 months) service including timing belt change. No problems encountered so far. It is somwhat thirsty on fuel , but I forgive it since it provides such a nice drive. I have done quite a bit of long distance driving lately and I am amazed at how relaxing it is to drive. My love affair with the Legend continues :Smile:
    I have bought a new set of Goodyear Ultra Grip unstudded winter tires + Dezent TH Dark rims (piccture below)

    Update november 2015: I have had my Honda Legend for half a year by now and have driven it for 3500 miles.
    In short: This is without doubt the most comfortable car that I have ever owned, quiet and very stabe.
    Also, the Legend is a wolf in sheep clothing. In automatic it is quite quick and overtaking cars at highway speeds is effortless.
    In "manual", using the paddles it becomes quite a different animal. The engine likes to rev and if allowed to do so it will leave many drivers of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars wondering what hit them. Almost nobody in Sweden knows about the Legend so they have no idea what is under its bonnet.
    The only drawback is fuel consumption. On long drives I get 28 miles/gallon, which is O.K., but in the city I have difficulties getting it below 18 miles/gallon.
    I love my Legend!

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    According to the book.
  1. Nice one and a rarity
  2. 460000 miles? :overtired:
    1. Red B. Avatar
      Ooops! Sometimes an extra 0 means a lot. It should be 46,000 miles :Smile:
      Red B., Wednesday 12th Oct, 2016
  3. Very true @Red B.

    I have mine 2 months now and I love her..

    just like you said @Red B. only problem is the gas consumption.
  4. She looks great.
    Please add more photographs.
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